Saturday, March 06, 2021

A Neanderthal fights back

Up in Montana, Governor Greg Gianforte took exception to being called a Neanderthal.   He was on Fox News and said this:  

Gianforte explained that hospitalizations are down and Montana is "open for business" during an appearance on "Fox & Friends," asserting that a "one-size fits all" approach to coronavirus mandates "doesn’t make sense" for the needs of every state.

"For a president that called for unity to degrade himself to name-calling, doesn’t make any sense at all," Gianforte told Steve Doocy.

The governor is exactly right for two reasons:

First, every state needs to decide its own course.  It makes no sense to have a national mandate for a country as geographically diverse as the U.S.; and,

Second, you can wear a mask in Montana or Texas if you want to do so.

What was Biden thinking?   He probably wasn't or further proof that Biden needs to stay away from microphones as much as possible.  

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