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The 'Tuesday jobs report' is a lot like the 'Friday jobs report'

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The "shutdown" moved the jobs report from the first Friday in October to Tuesday.  Unfortunately, the report is the same as before:

1) We are not creating enough jobs; and,

2) Too many people are dropping out of the labor force.

According to news reports, more and more people are dropping out.  It means that the 7.2% official unemployment rate is not real because more and 10 million Americans are not in the calculation, i.e. they dropped out of the labor force!

Job creation was weak also.  The economists were looking for 180,000 but we got 148,000, or not enough to keep up with the new people looking for work.

By the way, these are pre-shutdown numbers so President Obama can not blame it on Senator Ted Cruz.

The real tragedy is that job growth may be slowing, according to Dan Greenhaus, chief global strategist at BTIG.

Tuesday is just  like Friday - maybe worse!

Different release date but same stagnant economy, according to Jared Bernstein: Payrolls averaged 143,000 per month in the 3rd quarter, 182,000 in the second and 207,000 in the first quarter.

Wrong kind of trend?  Ya think? 

P.S. You can hear my discussion with Bill Katz about this.

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Babalu: The missiles in Cuba: “Se fueron los cohetes pero se quedo Castro”!

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We sat around my father's Phillips radio, or the one with a short wave band.   By the way, this radio was a lifeline to international news.
My father purchased it because it was one of the first FM models to be available in Cuba.  However, it was the short wave band that became the radio's primary feature.
Our place was very close to "El Malecon", the legendary Havana ocean drive avenue.  We had a feeling that something was going on because it was full of "milicianos" with anti-aircraft weapons.  
"In a dramatic televised address to the American public, President John F. Kennedyannounces that the Soviet Union has placed nuclear weapons in Cuba and, in response, the United States will establish a blockade around the island to prevent any other offensive weapons from entering Castro's state. Kennedy also warned the Soviets that any nuclear attack from Cuba would be construed as an act of war, and that the United States would retaliate in kind."
Looking back, I have a couple of questions.
First, why didn't President Kennedy tell the Soviets to take Castro out with the missiles?  My guess is that the Soviets would have asked:  Do we take him out dead or alive?  The Soviets were overextended in October 1962.  We held all of the cards and should have demanded Castro's exit.
Second, why don't we ever talk about the impact on the people Cuba?  The Missile Crisis was followed by more and more repression, brutality against the guerillas in Escambray and the consolidation ofthe Castro dictatorship.
As someone said:  "Se fueron los cohetes pero se quedo Castro"!
P.S. We discussed the speech and that night with Bill Katz of Urgent Agenda who was working with the CIA at that time..

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Babalu: President “Nadie me dice nada” Obama

(My new Babalu post)  

According to The Washington Post, nobody told President Obama:
 "The problem here isn't just technological. It's managerial.     

The White House's senior staff -- up to and including the president -- was blindsided.  

Staffers deep in the process knew that wasn't ready for primetime. 
But those frustrations were hidden from top-level managers.    
Somewhere along the chain the information was spun, softened, or just plain buried. The result was that the White House didn't know the truth about its own top initiative -- and so they were unprepared for the disastrous launch. They didn't even know they needed to be lowering expectations.   

In any normal corporation, heads would roll over a managerial failure of such magnitude and consequence."
Sorry but there is something really weird about this Obama administration:
1)  2,000 high powered ATF weapons fly south over the US-Mexico border and no one tells AG Holder or President Obama;
2)  The IRS decides to target conservative groups and nobody tells President Obama that he has a huge IRS scandal brewing; and,
3) The rollout of ObamaCare is full of problems and nobody tells President Obama.
My conclusion is that we need new staffers or maybe a new president.
P.S. You can hear CANTO TALK here.

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