Sunday, February 21, 2021

Happy # 78 Jack Billingham

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We say happy birthday to Jack Billingham, a very good right handed pitcher.      He was born in Florida on this day in 1943.

Jack broke with the Dodgers in 1968 and was traded to Houston the next year.   

He became one of the best right handers in the NL with Cincinnati:  87-63, 3.85 ERA and 18 Shutouts.    He was also a great post-season pitcher:    2-0, 0.36 ERA and 1 earned run in 25⅓ innings over 3 World Series with the Reds.  

Jack retired with 145-113 record, 15 shutouts and 74 complete games.    He was a member of the legendary 1975 "Red Machine".

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