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Is there a wave of terrorist attacks coming?

As we count the dead and injured in Paris, we ask a simple question:  Is there more coming?   Are more attacks planned?

The answer is probably yes, according to British Intelligence:
"l Qaeda militants in Syria are plotting attacks to inflict mass casualties in the West, possibly against transport systems or "iconic targets", the head of Britain's MI5 Security Service said on Thursday.Speaking after gunmen killed 12 people in an assault on a French satirical newspaper, MI5 boss Andrew Parker warned a strike on the United Kingdom was highly likely."A group of core al Qaeda terrorists in Syria is planning mass casualty attacks against the West," Director General Parker said in a rare public speech at MI5 headquarters in London. His last public speech was in October 2013.In the speech, planned before the killings in Paris, Parker said seasoned al Qaeda militants in Syria aimed to "cause large-scale loss of life, often by attacking transport systems or iconic targets" in the West.Al Qaeda killed nearly 3,000 people by attacking the United States with hijacked passenger planes on September 11, 2001. Militants inspired by the group killed 52 commuters in London on July 7, 2005 with suicide bombs."
We don't know for sure but it makes sense to assume, and prepare for the worst.   

We spoke with Barry Jacobsen about the Paris terror attack:

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Where are we going to find $ 34 billion to pay for Obama's latest pandering to young people?

There is terror in Paris, ISIS is running unchecked but President Obama is pandering again.     I guess that he will tell us today that everyone in the country is entitled to a "community college education":
"In a video accompanying the announcement, the president said that his plan would be "making two years of community college free for anyone who's willing to work for it."
At $34 billion per year, taxpayers at least will be working for it, willing or not."
What's wrong with this?  

First, our community college system is working just fine.    It's a great alternative to the outrageously expensive university system.   In many instances, community colleges provide the kind of education that gets people hired, such as computer skills or basic business knowledge.

Second, students are currently paying for their education, or the best of all worlds.   Like me, and so many of you, they are working to pay for their education.    

And finally, we already have plenty of "tuition assistance" programs, from loans to veterans' benefits.

My guess is that this idea will never see the light of the day.    It will be another meaningless "hope and change" speech with a price tag.

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How do you say 'Second Amendment' in French?

Paris and another mass murder in a gun-free zone. 

Another incident where well-armed criminals shot at people who could only scream and watch their colleagues gunned down without mercy.

Wonder if anyone in that Paris building wished he or she had a gun to shoot back.  I'm not saying that a couple of concealed weapons would have stopped well-armed terrorists, but it could have bought a little time before the police got there.   

I know that many Europeans call this "a cowboy crossfire."  Tell that to the families of the dead – all dead because guys with guns shot innocent unarmed people working in their office.

Like other countries, France has very restrictive gun laws, as David Crodea reported:
Gun, a project of the Sydney School of Public Health, which, while decidedly anti-gun nonetheless provides instructive and useful compilations of gun laws from around the globe, notes “The regulation of guns in France is categorized as restrictive.”
The right to own guns is not guaranteed by law, and private possession of handguns, “semi-automatic assault weapons” and fully automatic weapons “is prohibited with only narrow exceptions.
To be fair, the shooting in France also highlights the criminality rampant in Paris and what happens when you tie the police's hands:
Apart from the journalists/cartoonists, also included among the fatalities were police officers. They were the first respondents to the crime scene. Naturally, because of France's strict gun control laws, they arrived on the scene on pushbikes and unarmed.
Police without guns showing up to defend citizens under attack?  Don't the police in Paris deserve a better chance than that?

To each his own, but I'd rather live in a country (actually a state like Texas) that allows me to carry a concealed weapon.  Furthermore, I'd rather be in a place where the police have a weapon and can use it to defend citizens.

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I agree with many of "Rove's 2015 predictions"


Over the last week, I've seen my share of 2015 predictions.    I read and file many in my mind.   I usually forget them by June.     However, I think that Karl Rove has a few that you should pay attention to:
"Republicans will send the president a stream of measures on jobs, energy, spending restraint, health care, border security and immigration that will pass Congress with healthy Democratic support, producing the first sustained period of bipartisan legislation during the Obama presidency.
Despite veto threats, GOP House and Senate members will take tough votes on issues like entitlement and tax reform, producing a governing conservative vision for 2016.
The House and Senate will pass budget resolutions on time and almost all the appropriations bills before the new fiscal year’s Oct. 1 start. Mr. Obama will veto several appropriations bills for spending too little.
Republicans will slow discretionary domestic spending and raise the military’s share of the budget.
There will be a Supreme Court vacancy in 2015. The court will rule the Affordable Care Act does not allow premium subsidies in states without their own insurance exchanges. Appeals courts will hold the president lacked authority for his executive memos on immigration."
 I do advise that Karl Rove did well in his 2014 predictions.

It will be a tough year for President Obama, who doesn't have a strategy to tackle any of the nation's problems.    In fact, all of these veto threats will only infuriate Democrats tired of carrying President Obama's baggage.

My favorite, and most important prediction, is the one about an appeals court reversing the immigration executive order.   It needs to be reversed because it is unconstitutional and irresponsible.

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