Sunday, May 07, 2023

Sunday's podcast: Frank Burke, businessman and author chats about the new King Charles

Sunday's podcast:    

Frank Burke, businessman and author chats about the new King Charles.....

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A word about May 7

We remember May 7:

The Rolling Stones:   It happened on this day or the moment that Keith Richards got the inspiration for "Satisfaction". A few days later, Keith and Mick Jagger worked on the song and the group recorded it.  "Satisfaction" was the group's first # 1 song in the US.      Rolling Stone, a magazine that has nothing to do with the group, ranked the song as # 2 in the Top 500 songs of all time.    

From the movies:    Gary Cooper was born on this day in 1901.  He made some great movies.   My favorite are "Pride of the Yankeesfrom  1942 and "High Noonfrom 1952A great actor, an American original, who died in 1961.

Baltimore Colts:   We remember Johnny Unitas who was born in Pittsburgh, PA, on this day in 1933.    He died in 2002.  He led the Colts for many years and titles.

World War I:  It was a turning point in World War I and the US.  On this day in 1915, the Lusitania was torpedoed without warning by a German submarine.   A couple of years later, the US Congress voted to declare war on Germany and the war was truly global.

Motown:      We remember Jimmy Ruffin who was born in around Collinsville, Mississippi, on this day in 1936.    His brother David sang with the legendary Temptations.   He died in 2014.   In 1966, Ruffin recorded one of the greatest pop tunes of the Motown era:  "What becomes of the brokenhearted".

First Ladies:      We remember MarĂ­a Eva Duarte in Los Toldos, Argentina, on this day in 1919.    She tried acting and modeling but her life changed when she married Juan Peron, a military man who eventually became president of Argentina.   As First Lady, she became President Peron's secret weapon, a woman of incredible political skills hugely popular with the working class.  Evita died very young in 1952.   She was only 33.

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