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Attacks on police plus Biden and the media and the Redskins no more

Attacks on police plus Biden and the media and the Redskins no more 07/27 by Silvio Canto Jr | Politics:

Attacks on police in Portland & Seattle.....where is the local government? Will Mr. Biden ever do a press conference?.....Washington Football Club but the wokes will come back for more.......The Shah of Iran died 1980........'A hard day's night' # 1 LP in the US and UK.......and other to listen:

Monday’s video: Biden the invisible candidate

Political Cartoon: Joe Biden successfully shelters out of sight 

‘Washington’ is the next step

Fail to the Redskins
The NFL franchise in Washington will now be called the Washington Football Team.  According to news reports, this is a temporary change
After weeks of uncertainty, the Washington NFL franchise took another step in retiring its long-time moniker. On Thursday, Washington announced that they would be called the “Washington Football Team,” effective immediately. This is not a final renaming and rebranding for the team, this is just the name they want to use until the pending adoption of a new name in the future. 
In addition to this name change, ESPN’s Adam Schefter reports that Washington will indeed not have any change to its color scheme, but the original team logo on the helmet will be replaced by the player’s number in gold. The Washington Football Team will continue the process of retiring their team name and hopes to be entirely rid of it on physical and digital spaces in the next 50 days, by the Sept. 13 regular-season opener against the Philadelphia Eagles. 
No more signs of anything Redskin when they open the season against Philadelphia.
You can keep your old jerseys or pennants.  Just erase any reference to the Redskins and it will look about the same, or so I understand.
My question is this:  How long before the “wokes” come after the name?  They have long attacked George Washington the slave owner.  It’s inevitable that they will now begin complaining that no team should ever be named after a white guy who owned slaves.
Daniel Snyder, the team owner, cracked and should have told the “wokes” to shut up.  He could have told Nike that he’d consider a name change when they stop selling items made by slave labor in China.
The “wokes” will never be happy until they destroy everything, as Snyder and the other NFL owners will find out.
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We remember Jerry Van Dyke (1931-2018)

Jerry Van Dyke, comedian and actor, dies at 86 - ABC7 Los Angeles

The very talented Jerry Van Dyke was born on this day in 1931 and died in 2018.   He was 86.      

As I recall, he appeared on his brother's show, "My mother the car" and "The Coach".

He also appeared in many movies but never had the success of his older brother.  I do recall him playing banjo and making me laugh a lot.

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The USSR and the 1960 Kennedy-Nixon election

We heard a lot about collusion with Russia, or allegations about a connection between the Trump campaign and the Kremlin.    
In his memoir, published as “Khrushchev Remembers” in 1970, Khrushchev said he told other members of the Soviet leadership: “If Nixon becomes President, I don’t believe he will contribute to an improvement of relations between our two countries.”    
Later, he allegedly said the same thing to President Kennedy directly at the Vienna meeting.     JFK laughed about it but Khrushchev was dead serious that the USSR preferred JFK over Nixon.
Did the USSR help elected JFK?    We will never know.   The 1960 election was decided by 140,000 votes out of 76 million cast.    It was such a close election that hundreds of factors could have made the difference.    
My own opinion is that the USSR understood that VP Nixon was more prepared for the presidency than the younger and inexperienced Senator Kennedy.    However, I don’t see any evidence that the USSR elected JFK.
As we know, the two men again during the Cuban Missile Crisis.     Before that, President Kennedy had to face a crisis in Berlin.   
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1980: The Shah of Iran died in exile

Image result for shah of iran images
The Shah of Iran was a good ally of the US for a long time.    He died on this day in 1980 after a long fight with cancer.   

During his exile, he traveled from country to country looking for treatment.    

He was treated in the US but the Islamic militants demanded his immediate return.    The US refused to negotiate and they responded by storming into US embassy and holding the diplomats hostage for 444 days.

It was a humiliating experience for the US and an early sign that fanatics would run Iran.   

The Shah was not perfect but did try to modernize Iran, specially the status of women.  He was certainly a lot better than what followed!

Thankfully, his family has lived in the US since.    His widow Empress Farah wrote a good book about him and the family.

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