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Nicaragua is back in the news

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We remember Nicaragua from the 1980’s, i.e. the “contras,” the “Sandinistas,” and other stories from the Reagan years.

Nicaragua is back in the news because of protests and the government’s reaction to them, as we see in news reports:    

Nicaragua has been rocked by a week of protests in which over two dozen people have been killed. 
The protests were triggered by tax hikes and benefit cuts meant to shore up the ailing social security system.
On Sunday, President Daniel Ortega said the government would withdraw the pension changes. 
But he rejected demands to free detained protesters, withdraw the police and lift some censorship.

The U.S. embassy has moved some employees from Managua as a reaction to the violence.    The State Department has also issued a travel warning.

The violence in Nicaragua is related to President Ortega’s proposal to raise taxes to pay for social services & fund public pensions.   President Ortega did promise new negotiations with the opposition but not much has happened yet.   

The international media has been reporting the violence and the death of Angel Gahona, a journalist who was gunned down during his broadcast.  The shooting was caught live on social media. 

The violence has closed stores in Managua, the capital and largest city.  Some reopened but shelves were empty because the violence shutdown weekend deliveries.

Finally, the protests have morphed into a lot more than a reaction to tax increases.   Many demonstrators are also apparently protesting against secrecy, corruption and cronyism.

Nicaragua is back on the front pages and it will probably stay there for a while.

What can the U.S. do?   Nothing directly except to criticize the harsh tactics used against protesters.

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Did Senator Tester of very red Montana want to pick a fight with President Trump in a re-election year?

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Did Senator Tester of very red Montana want to pick a fight with President Trump in a re-election year?   

Well, he is got one:   Trump calls on Tester to resign over Ronny Jackson allegations: ‘His reputation has been shattered’!

Politics aside, it seems to me that a good man was slandered because he was simply nominated by President Trump.    

Bad move by Senator Tester.   Why isn't the media demanding that Senator Tester back up his allegations?

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The insanity in California brought to you by Jerry Brown and the Democrats

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The insanity in California brought to you by Jerry Brown and the left wing of the Democrat Party.     

It is not pretty in Los Angeles:   As waves of homeless descend onto trains, L.A. tries a new strategy: social workers on the subway!

And then we hear that the capital of liberalism has huge poverty rates.   How is that possible?  

Up the coast and it is ugly in San Francisco:  'Simply unacceptable': Disturbing footage emerges of semi-conscious junkies openly shooting up in front of commuters in vomit-covered BART station as San Francisco struggles to contain its homeless problem.

I'm old enough to remember when they sang about wearing flowers in your hair if you were going to San Francisco.      

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Very sad story: Alfie Evans is dead in the UK........what a horrible story.........feel bad the parents.

ABBA back after 35 years or so we hear

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ABBA back after 35 years or so we hear:   ABBA make new music after 35 years!

I loved ABBA back then so let's see what they plan to record this time around.    

We wish Agnetha Faltskog, Bjorn Ulvaeus, Anni-Frid Lyngstad and Benny Andersson the very best.       Many years ago, they were very good.

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Joy part 2

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We forgive you Joy.   Now do the honorable thing and resign just to prove that you are really serious about the whole thing.

Just think of all of the people that this woman has called a liar over the years.   

It would do her good to step aside and do a little soul searching.

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March 2007: So there were no WMD's in Iraq?

A post from March 2007:

Did I miss something?   I don't think so but a lot of other people apparently did.

What? No WMDs in Iraq? by Douglas Hanson described the importance of discovering this gas:
"Use of chlorine gas by the jihadists is not about using an industrial chemical of opportunity. Chlorine is actually the grandfather of chemical weapons having been first used by the Germans in World War I at Ypres. Almost immediately after the shells burst, French and Algerian soldiers' respiratory organs were incapacitated or destroyed resulting in severe choking attacks and for some, an agonizing death. The development of Phosgene followed. This is another choking agent, but more deadly since it does not cause as much coughing, so more of it is inhaled by the victim."
Will there be more? Probably so. Our recent surge is hitting the terrorists hard. So get ready for more gas attacks.

What about the "Bush lied" crowd? They will probably say that Bush planted the gas in Al Qaeda's inventories.

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March 2007: The Valerie Plame (Mrs. Joe Wilson) show is still hard to figure out

A post from March 2007:

Frankly, I don't get it. Was she or wasn't she? So far, I can't tell. 

Rick Moran summarized it best:

"There are two sides to this story. And while it is clear from the Libby trial that there was a concerted effort by the Administration to inform selected members of the press that Valerie Plame worked for the CIA, it is much less clear that Libby, Rove, Armitage, and others knew of her covert status and deliberately tried to ruin her career." (PLAME STILL LEAVES US WONDERING)
It is confusing, to say the least!

March 2007: Another one on Pres. Bush's trip to Latin America

A post from 2007:

Who had a good trip? Bush or Chavez? Let's look at some early results.

According to news reports, the opposition in Argentina isn't happy that their president turned Buenos Aires into a forum for Chavez. How badly did Argentina need $3 billion? I'm sure that Pres. Bush would have been happy to accommodate them. At least, Pres. Bush would not have asked for a stadium to bash Chavez.

In Brazil. socialist Lula looked pretty good doing business with Bush. By the way, Brazil is actively attracting foreign investment. (Look out Mexico!)

In Bolivia, Chavez got a cool reception. In Venezuela, the opposition blasted Chavez.

So far so good. I'm not expecting miracles but the early signs are a lot better than the placards that filled the streets.

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March 2007: The raids, the babies and more lies from The NY Times

A post from 2007:

It's time to bring out our favorite bird. This is the one who can no longer tolerate the NY Times pages on the bottom of the cage.

Cheers for the honest bird!

By now, our Mexican friends have heard about the immigration raids going on in the US. They are part of an aggressive posture by the Bush administration to go after the employers who continue to violate the law.

Well done Pres. Bush.

On Thursday, Bill O'Reilly reacted to The NY Times editorial on the Massachusetts raid. (Immigration Misery)

Nobody wants to hurt children. They are not responsible for our illegal immigration problem or that their parents were born in countries where irresponsible leaders do not want to create jobs.

Yet, what we had in New Bedord was a sweatshop.   I hope that the federal authorities lock up the employer for a long time.

Sweatshops belong in the past. They should not exist in 21st century US.

It is a crime for anyone to hire illegals and pack them into a factory for the purpose of making a profit off their cheap wages. 

If you can't hire people legally then shut down the business or take your manufacturing operations to Guatemala or El Salvador. This is what other textile companies have done!

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March 2007: Sad day for Cowboys' fans

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A post from 2007:

Over the weekend, Cowboys' fans were crushed to learn that Wilford "Crazy Ray" Jones died.

Dallas Cowboys have played in 8 Super Bowls. They had a wonderful coach named Tom Landry. Add players like Roger Staubach, Troy Aikman, Emmett Smith, Tony Dorsett, etc.

What a great team. We love the Cowboys even when they lose heartbreakers like the last minute loss to Seattle a couple months ago.

Crazy Ray was the constant over the years. He was a fixture at Texas Stadium and one of the most popular guys in the area.

We will miss Crazy Ray and his great outfit!

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March 2007: Can you really believe these guys?

A post from March 2007:

Since 1998, Democrats have made incredible statements about Iraq. Now, we can add another list of statements to that file.

"SEN. HARRY REID (D-NV): “As Far As Setting A Timeline … That’s Not A Wise Decision, Because It Only Empowers Those Who Don’t Want Us There.” (Sen. Reid, Remarks To The National Press Club, 01/31/05)

SEN. HILLARY CLINTON (D-NY): “I Don't Believe It’s Smart To Set A Date For Withdrawal. I Don’t Think You Should Ever Telegraph Your Intentions To The Enemy So They Can Await You.” (Village Voice, 9/22/05 Via “Clinton II: Parsing Clinton’s History On Iraq,” National Journal’s The Hotline, 02/13/07)SEN. 

JOE BIDEN (D-DE): “A Deadline For Pulling Out … Will Only Encourage Our Enemies To Wait Us Out.” It Would Be “A Lebanon In 1985, And God Knows Where It Goes From There.” (Sen. Biden, Remarks To The Brookings Institution, Washington, D.C., 06/21/05)

SEN. EVAN BAYH (D-IN): “I, For Example, Am Not In Support Of Circling A Date On A Calendar And Saying, ‘No Matter What, We're Out On That Date.’” (John M. Donnelly and Tim Starks, “Iraq Timetable Gains Momentum,” CQ Weekly, 03/12/07)

Who would rather support? Someone who sticks to a position or someone who flows with the polls!

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March 2007: A positive view of Iraq

A post from March 2007:

If you hate Bush and the US then the Iraq War is a convenient account to deposit every ounce of anti-Americanism.

If you love the truth and history, then Iraq looks a little different.

Of course, there is violence. We are fighting people who kill innocent people. 

Yet, there is a positive story.

Iraq's Accomplishments in Perspective By Austin Bay looks at Iraq and sees something more than the violence that the media loves to put on our TV screens:
"In terms of fundamental historical changes favoring 21st century freedom and peace, what Free Iraq and its Coalition allies have accomplished in four short years is nothing short of astonishing.Consider what Iraq was, not simply in A.D. March 2003, but in 2003 B.C. Both historical frames provide instructive lessons in the obvious."
So stand back, get over anti-Americanism and take a hard look at the truth:
"The Iraqi people are earning their victory and their liberty. The price for both is inevitably paid in blood, sweat and toil. At this point in history, they need American patience."
The Iraqis are in this fight and they are fighting! 

They are also voting, as we saw 3 times.

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