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Tuesday's show: AG Sessions before Congress, Moore in Alabama plus other stories

We will look at AG Sessions before Congress and talk of another independent counsel to investigate the Clintons and The Clinton Foundation..........Senator Menendez under investigation.....what if he resigns?......Judge Roy Moore under fire.......President Trump in Asia........the NFL in crisis and the leadership is clueless.....back in 2005, President Bush started a debate on Social Security but it was not followed up.........My annual call for Tony Oliva in The Hall of Fame........plus other stories of the day............

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Tuesday's video: Judge Moore and now President Clinton

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Maybe he’ll do the wave with Raúl and Joanne, too

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We just learned that Oscar Lopez Rivera will be going to Cuba to receive special recognition or an award, as reported by a state newspaper in the island:   
According to a program prepared for the independence activist — the first after his release last May 17th — , the award will be giv
en to Lopez Rivera at the Jose Marti Memorial, located at Revolution Square in Havana.
According to the Institute of Friendship with the Peoples, ICAP, Lopez Rivera will assist in a political-cultural activity on Monday at th
e Havana entity that was host to many solidarity actions for his cause.
The agenda also includes an exchange with students at the University of Havana’s Master Hall, visits to provinces and to the Santa Ifigenia Cemetery in eastern Santiago de Cuba where he will visit the memorials that hold the remains of National Hero Jose Marti and the leader of the Revolution Fidel Castro.
Isn’t that sweet? President Obama opened the U.S. embassy and now Cuba invites a terrorist. You can’t make this stuff up!
My guess is that President Obama got away with commuting his sentence because most Americans don’t know who this man is or was.
His story started in 1974 when the FALN was a deadly domestic terror group based in the US, as we saw in Politico:   
The FALN was responsible for over 130 bombings during this period, including the January 1975 explosion in Manhattan’s historic Fraunces Tavern, which killed four and wounded 63. In October of that year, it set off, all within the span of an hour, 10 bombs in three ci
ties, causing nearly a million dollars in damage. 
In August 1977, the FALN set off a series of bombs in Manhattan, forcing 100,000 workers to evacuate their offices; one person was killed, and six were injured. 
In 1979, the group even threatened to blow up the Indian Point nuclear energy facility located north of New York City. It later sent a communiqué warning the U.S. to “remember … that you have never experienced war on your vitals and that you have many nuclear reactors.” 
In 1980, FALN members stormed the Carter-Mondale election headquarters in Chicago, and the George H.W. Bush campaign headquarters in New York, holding employees there hostage at gunpoint. 
In 1981, they plotted to kidnap President Reagan’s son Ron. 
Plainly, the group was deadly serious about its objectives—a free, independent and socialist Puerto Rico—and zealous in its pursuit of them.
And now this man is in Cuba being recognized as a friend of the revolution.     
Maybe we will see a picture of Raul Castro, Lopez-Rivera, and Joanne Chesimard, the woman convicted of killing a New Jersey state trooper.     
It’s disgraceful but this is what happens when you open embassies and don’t demand a thing from the anti-U.S. government that you are doing business with.
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The Europeans didn't like Reagan or Bush either or so they told us!

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We hear it over and over again.   We recall how Bush was so disliked in every corner of the world, or at least that's what they told us. 

Based on what?   We don't know since polling is probably very difficult.  Besides, do you seriously think that people around the world spend their time thinking that much about US presidents?

Nevertheless, they tell us that most of the world was rooting for Kerry in '04, or Obama in '08 & '12 and Clinton in '16.

Again, it is a partisan opinion rather than an objective assessment of world opinion

Based on my experience, I don't recall this hatred for Reagan or Bush or even now for Trump.

Trump's presidency is a work in progress.  It will take 20 years, at least, to measure his achievements.  As they say, time will tell.

2005: One nation under God was in the news!

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It's a sign of the times. We are living in a country where a judge rules that "under God" in the pledge of allegiance is unconstitutional. 

Maybe we will soon have to turn in our money and exchange it for another one that does not say "In God we trust".

I can't believe it but it is true:
"U.S. District Judge Lawrence Karlton (search) ruled that the pledge's reference to one nation "under God" violates school children's right to be "free from a coercive requirement to affirm God." The judge has granted legal standing to two families represented by an atheist who lost his previous battle before the U.S. Supreme Court."
The lawsuit was brought by an atheist in California and will likely end up in the Supreme Court again.

The Congress starts everyday with a prayer.  Every president concludes his remarks with "God bless the United States of America".

Can we stop debating this?     

The pledge of allegiance is not a denominational prayer and it does not conflict with the first amendment.

What Bill Clinton wants you to forget about North Korea

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In '96, President Clinton was discussing legacy with Dick Morris, his political adviser. 

Clinton was obsessed with legacy.  It consumed him.

Morris warned him: Your legacy will be terrorism.

History is going to be very harsh on Bill Clinton. It should be. Clinton left a lot of real problems on the table as he enjoyed a political boost from the high tech boom of the late 1990's.

The prosperity gave Clinton high approval ratings but they never translated into any electoral gains.

In 2000, Clinton could not deliver Arkansas to VP Gore. Arkansas' 5 electoral votes would have made VP Gore the 43rd president!
So much for high approval ratings!

History will be harsh on Clinton. 

He will be remembered as a flawed man who focused exclusively on his legacy and ended up without one.

History will remember him as the man who "...did not have sexual relations with that woman".

History will be harsher for not having had relations with terrorism, North Korea and Social Security.

Speaking of North Korea, he negotiated a very bad deal that led to what we have now.

The flat tax: A good idea from Steve Forbes

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It's great to be a Republican. We are the party of ideas. Our side has creative people who put new ideas on the table.   The other side just preaches "class warfare" and dependency.

One of those ideas is the flat tax. Steve Forbes is the author of "Flat Tax Revolution."

The Forbes flat tax is very simple: a 17 percent tax on all personal income, with simple and generous exemptions.

The 2005 Social Security debate that failed

Related image

Back in 2005, President Bush started a conversation about Social Security.  In fact, much of what President Bush sounded a lot like President Clinton.

The Democrats did not like President Bush's ideas. Where is their plan? They don't have one.

Can we get over protecting sacred cows? Can we live in the real world?

In fact, President Bush's ideas did not originate from conservative Republicans.   Democratic senators in the 1990's like Charles Robb, Bob Kerrey, John Breaux and Daniel Patrick Moynihan championed Social Security reform and promoted ideas like "private accounts".

In '97, Democrats and Republicans urged President Clinton to tackle the issue.  He didn't.  He did not want to touch the "third rail" of American politics.

Sooner or later, we have to get out of our ideological trap and see things as they are.

Reality is that President Clinton was right in '98 and '99 about Social Security.

Reality is that there were Democrats and Republicans ready to carry the water for Social Security reform during Clinton's second term.

We can play games or govern.

Let's govern. It seems more and more obvious to me that the people who would really destroy Social Security are those who want to leave it alone.

We need Social Security reform now, as the late Senator Moynahan wrote years ago:

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