Friday, November 17, 2017

Obama set out to punish Menendez over Cuba and Iran

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Like some of you, I followed the Menendez’ trial from a distance.    At the same time, I always felt that there was more to the trial than corruption.   After all, why was this US Senator singled out for helping his friends?
I am happy to read this from our friend Monica Showalter:
“It sure sounds as if he was steeped well in a pay-for-play Washington swamp culture, for what it’s worth. Like so many others.
But as Andrew McCarthy, in an exceptionally astute analysis, points out, the telling point here is in the original reason for the charges at all: Menendez angered President Obama, and Obama, banana-republic style, went after him through the Justice Department as payback.
Policy-wise, Menendez wasn’t that bad as Democrats go. He was against Obama’s Iran deal, something cooked up by Ben Rhodes and shoved down our throats with admitted lies to ensure that Obama left with some sort of legacy, even as the whole thing meant selling America down the river. The deal’s secret flights loaded with billions in cash, drug-dealer-style, for the mullahs’ benefit, have only served to embolden the Iranians as the cash has since made its way to arms and mayhem.
Menendez also opposed Obama’s sellout to Cuba, forking over good relations with the Castro brothers in late 2014 in exchange for nothing. Since then, horrible repressive measures have been taken against dissidents, something Obama and the ever garrulous Rhodes have been silent about.”
It makes sense to me given how strongly Menendez opposed the Iran and Cuba deals.
And indeed Obama & Rhodes have been pretty silent about dissidents in Cuba plus those “sonic attacks” of late.
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