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Houston and the storms, President Trump & DACA plus a few other thoughts

We will look at the storm in South Texas now that things are starting to get back to normal in Houston.....President Trump, DACA and the US Congress..........the Democrats in disarray.............we say Happy # 71 to Barry Gibb......Happy # 60 to Gloria Estefan....Happy # 78 to Rico Carty.............and other stories...............

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“Made for each other”: Cuba and North Korea

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Like that famous song (“Made for each other“), Cuba and North Korea were indeed made for each other.  
We are learning more and more about that dangerous relationship between two dictators desperately surviving and looking for every possible way of putting some cash in their regime’s pockets.      
Cuba and North Korea have enjoyed diplomatic relations since 1960, the newspaper notes—the year after Fidel Castro’s bloody communist revolution stormed Havana, putting in place a repressive regime known for its mass murders by firing squad, harrowing labor camps, and support for terrorist organizations throughout the hemisphere.
North Korea’s communist regime is one of the few on the planet with a more repressive history than Cuba’s, as decades of human rights advocacy reports finding evidence of torture, public executions for “crimes” such as possessing Western entertainment media, mass starvation, and forced worship of the ruling Kim family.  
Indeed, made for each other.    
I would add my suspicion that it may have been North Korea behind that so-called “sonic attack” on US diplomats.    
After all, Cuba and North Korea signed an intelligence- and technology-sharing agreement.    It allows North Korea access to intelligence gathered by Cuba’s vast spy network.  
We remind you that such network is now operating more openly in the US since the two countries opened Embassies. 
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Raul Castro did not get that memo

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Not long ago, President Obama decided to open a U.S. embassy in Havana, facilitate trade and contacts, and then watch a baseball game with Raul Castro. We were told that this new approach would open up Cuba. Accordingly, Cubans would see what they’ve been missing for and demand it.
Well, the theory ran into reality, or the fact that Raul Castro never saw the opening with the U.S. as a way of improving the lives of Cubans. Instead, he just wanted the U.S. to become his latest sugar daddy, especially now that no one lends him money, the USSR is gone, and China is not so easy to do business with.
Let’s check out the latest of how showering Cuba with U.S. dollars and American tourists has impacted the Cuban people.
We learned this week that there are over 40 websites that the Cuban government will not allow to be seen in the island, as we see in this report:   
Want to access Skype in Cuba? Without a VPN, you’re out of luck. 
The service is blocked in the country, along with dozens of other websites, according to new report from the Open Observatory of Network Interference (OONI), which works under the Tor Project. The study, published this week, shows just how censored Cuba’s internet still is.
Researchers from OONI monitored eight different internet access points in three different Cuban cities (Havana, Santiago de Cuba, and Santa Clara) between May 29 and and June 10 of this year. 
Their findings show that 41 different websites are blocked in the country, including the Cuban Free Press Project and Freedom House, an independent watchdog organization that advocates for greater civil liberties around the world. 
In total, OONI tested nearly 1,500 different websites in order to see which were restricted.
Most of the sites blocked have criticized the Cuban Castro regime (either directly or indirectly) according to the report. 
News sites that have published articles critical of the Cuban government made up the bulk of restricted sites.    
So let me get this straight. Are we just learning that the Castro regime does not like to hear criticisms or allow its critics to reach the island?
On the day that President Obama announced his new policy toward Cuba, I was with my sick father at the hospital. He listened to the speech and said something in Spanish that translates to this fool does not understand communists. No, he does not!
So we are really back to square one. Before the Obama opening, information was restricted and Obama did not understand communists. Thirty months later, information is still restricted in Cuba and Obama still does not understand communists.
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