Sunday, January 26, 2020

Notre Dame the latest target of the reparations crowd

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Once upon a time, administrators ran schools, and students worked to graduate.  At least, that’s what my parents taught me.
Nowadays, it sure looks as though it’s the other way around, especially when students are calling on a university to pay reparations.
This is the latest P.C. show, and it is a show, from Notre Dame according to The College Fix:
A forum Wednesday at the University of Notre Dame featured panelists who urged the university to pay reparations to blacks and Native Americans.Panelist Savanna Morgan, a senior at Notre Dame, said black and indigenous communities have a “right” to pursue reparations at Notre Dame.  These reparations are “indeed monetary,” she said, adding they are “equally psychological and symbolic.”Morgan said one of the “appropriate remedies” for Notre Dame is “taking our $13.8 billion endowment out of this one mile radius and sharing this wealth with the people Notre Dame has historically robbed of their right to a safe and secure life.”“We must acknowledge how white institutions contribute to black disadvantage and commit to the appropriate remedies,” she said.
Remedies and sharing the wealth?
Maybe Miss Morgan should explain how the reparations will be divided and who gets them.  Second, she should explain why someone born in the 21st century should pay for something that happened in the 19th century and before.
Once upon a time, school administrators would shut down this nonsense and send the kids to bed.  Again, the kids are running the schools, and that’s not good for learning.
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1975: "Pick up the pieces" by Average White Band was # 1 this week

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There were great instrumentals in the 1970s, from Barry White "Love's theme" to Walter Murphy's "A fifth of Beethoven".    

In 1975, The Average White Band gave us one of the best in "Pick up the pieces".

The Montreal Expos 1969-2004

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Montreal has a rich baseball tradition, from Jackie Robinson to the great teams of the late 1970's.   

The Expos gave us Tim Raines, Gary Carter, Andre Dawson, Gary Walker, Vladimir Guerrero and lots of others.    

Add a perfect game by Dennis Martinez in 1991.

Between 1979 and 1981, the Expos had great teams in the pre-wild card era.  

In 1979 and 1980 they came in second in the NL East.  In fact, they were in contention until the last series of the season.   

In 1981, they lost the NLCS to the LA Dodgers.    

All of those 3 teams, Pittsburgh in 1979, Philadelphia in 1980 and LA in 1981, went on to win the World Series!  

In 1994, they had the best record in baseball before the strike killed the season and the Expos.     They moved to Washington after the 2004 season.

MLB-TV ran a documentary recently on the story of the Expos.  It was fun to catch up and enjoy some of those great uniforms and caps.

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