Monday, September 18, 2023

Monday's podcast: The week in review with Bill Katz the editor of Urgent Agenda

Monday's podcast:    

The week in review with Bill Katz the editor of Urgent Agenda

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Monday's video: The week in review with Bill Katz the editor of Urgent...

Guest:.......Bill Katz the editor of Urgent Agenda....Iran and $ 6 billion.....UN Meeting in New York....Gasoline prices.....The US Mexico border and national security........US Senate and dress code plus other stories.....


Texas AG Ken Paxton should go after Biden, not fellow GOPers

 (My new American Thinker post)

The Paxton impeachment is over and Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton is back on the job.   
We kept hearing 14-16 during the vote.  The 14 were 12 Democrats and 2 Republicans who voted to convict him, and failed.  The 16 were the Republicans.  It took 21 to convict.
My guess is that once the GOP senators realized that the Democrats would vote together they would be emboldened.  After all, what Republicans senator wanted to go down in history as Number 9 or the 21st vote made the conviction possible?
Some of the charges were serious but the House did rush the whole thing.  So what happens next?
First, AG Paxton could settle scores and divide the GOP before 2024.  I can understand his anger but the governor needs those majorities in Austin to be effective in governing.  
Second, he could go after the Biden administration.  I'm glad that he is leaning in that direction.  At least, that's what was reported yesterday.   Here is the story:
"Finally, I can promise the Biden administration the following: buckle up because your lawless policies will not go unchallenged," the statement read. "We will not allow you to shred the constitution and infringe on the rights of Texans. You will be held accountable."
I like that tone and let's keep it up.   
At the moment, Texas is in a legal dispute with the Biden administration over its border river barriers.  
I'm sure that other opportunities will come up, too, such as the administration's threats to keep migrants in Texas.
I'm glad that AG Paxton survived but it's time to heal, not get even.  

Happy # 83 Frankie Avalon


We say happy birthday to Frankie Avalon, one of the greatest teen idols of all time.   He was born in Philadelphia on this day in 1940.   His big hit was “Venus” and then he made a bunch of movies with Annette Funicello.   Great talent and loves cooking too.

Happy Chile Independence day

Chile's presidential election - PiƱera flies the flag | The Americas | The  Economist

Our friends down in Chile will enjoy another anniversary of their independence in 1810.  
Cheers to Chile.  You've earned this day of celebration. 

Happy # 64 Ryne Sandberg

Ryne Sandberg vs. the second basemen the Phillies had after they traded him  - The Good Phight

We say happy birthday to Ryne Sandberg, one of the very best players of the last 50 years.   He was born in Spokane, Washington, on this day in 1959.

Ryan broke with the Phillies in 1981 but was traded to the Cubs in the off season.    He spent the next 16 years in Chicago:    .285, 2,306 hits, 282 HR & 1,061 RBI over 2,164 games.    

In 1984, Sandberg was the NL MVP leading to the Cubs to the post season.    He was elected to The Hall of Fame in 2005.

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