Saturday, November 21, 2015

Move over Cowboys…..the Stars are 16-4

The Stars are beating Buffalo 3-0 in the 3rd quarter.  It looks like they are about to go 17-4.
Go Stars!

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Call 911 because ObamaCare is very ill

We’ve posted about the problems with Obama Care, from low enrollment to high deductibles to state exchanges in trouble and now talk of United Health pulling out.
This is a list of the headlines about Obama Care compiled by our friends at Power Line:
UnitedHealth’s threat to exit wasn’t the adverse headline for President Obama’s signature program. The folks at America Rising have compiled the following additional headlines:
Gallup: Ratings of U.S. Healthcare Quality No Better After ACA (If you look at the numbers, Americans actually think their health care has gotten worse).
The New York Times: In Many Obamacare Markets, Renewal Is Not an Option (In markets throughout the country, the plan in the most popular category that was least expensive this year will not be offered next year).
Washington Examiner: Health insurance stocks plummet on Obamacare fears
Miami Herald: Survey: Healthcare unaffordable for many even with insurance (healthcare costs are said to be unaffordable for 25 percent of privately insured working-age adults).
The Wall Street Journal: Rising Rates Pose Challenge to Health Law (higher premiums, fewer doctors, and skimpier coverage will be common in 2016).
The New York Times: Health Care Law Forces Businesses to Consider Growth’s Costs (Obamacare makes employers reluctant to expand beyond 49 employees)
Boston Globe: Critics say high deductibles make insurance ‘unaffordable’.
It looks like Obama Care is really sick.   In fact, it may not survive the Obama presidency.    In other words, the numbers don’t add up, as many of us predicted.
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Change in Argentina but tough decisions coming after the vote

t looks like Argentina will make a right turn on Sunday.    The polls anticipate that Mauricio Macri, the opposition candidate, will win Sunday's election.

I would vote for Macri if I was a citizen of Argentina.   His view of the world is far more realistic than the misguided populist policies of the incumbent party.    

At the same time, "argentinos" longing for change will have to be patient because Mr. Macri is inheriting a mess of huge proportions, as we read in Bloomberg:
"Neither candidate has addressed the elephant in the room: the reforms needed to reduce inflation, fix a fiscal deficit of 7.2 percent of gross domestic product - the largest in over 30 years - and lure back investment dollars which have stayed away due to currency controls, a lack of regulatory predictability and a decade-long dispute with hold

outs from the 2001 default."

It won't be easy but Mr. Macri is a better option.  He has a better chance of attracting the kind of foreign investment that the country needs to create jobs and help the struggling middle class.  

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Campus unrest confirms that the left is out of control

For a few weeks,  I've watched this insane atmosphere at several universities.  

Of course, we are willing to hear legitimate grievances from students.    There is a way and a place to present complaints.   

However, I don't believe that most adults in the US want to watch brats acting like brats or mobs take over institutions of higher learning.

Furthermore, I know that many of us are tired of college administrators who will not stand up to bullies.

My friend Barry Casselman, The Prairie Editor and guest on our show, posted something very important today about this movement and the damage it is doing to itself:   
The current spectacle of campus upheaval in so many U.S.
colleges and universities is a dark omen for what has become
in recent years a “liberal” education. (Please notice that I do
not say “liberal arts” education.) Unfortunately, U.S. higher 
education on very many campuses, including virtually all of
those which have traditionally held the most prestige, has
become overwhelmingly politicized to the far left, a
consequence of the views and impositions of many
professors at these institutions.
Campus life began to change dramatically in the 1960s as
many students and professors joined a national antiwar
movement protesting our involvement in Viet Nam. This was
the time that I was attending both undergraduate and graduate
universities, one in the East and the other in the Midwest. (In
full disclosure, I participated in some of those protests.
After Viet Nam, campus life in most institutions of higher
learning “quieted down,” only to re-heat following the end of
the Cold War in the early 1990s when aggressive U.S.
radicalism and neo-Marxism, having no power base in the
then-defunct Soviet Union and the turning-to-state-capitalism
of China, went into political hibernation on American campuses.
During the administration of President George W. Bush, this
radical impetus was revived on campuses across the nation,
and was accompanied by the rise of “political correctness”
and various “hot button” issues such as global warming and
The attempt to intimidate college administrations by student
and professor protest, of course, is not new, but one might
think that college presidents today would have learned 
something from the past. The shameful spectacle of college
presidents now pandering to these protesters indicates that
they have not learned much from the past.
In the 1960s, the most expensive college education (at an Ivy
League university, for example) was about $2500 per year. Today,
that price tag is approaching $70,000 per year! By paralyzing
campuses, destroying a true “liberal education,” and wrecking
the value of higher education in the work place, the current
upheaval, it would seem, is sowing the seeds of its own
destruction. How many parents, regardless of their own views,
are willing to shell out between $10,000 and $70,000 per year
per student for a degree that will have reduced or little value?
Colleges and universities will survive, but the current sad
spectacle will likely only hasten the demise of traditional campus
life. For the first time in history, there is a credible alternative,
and that is quality online higher education.
In their quest to destruct American higher education, the radical
students and professors only hasten the exhaustion of their own
unstable and self-annihilating movement.

The bad news is that we are watching college and university administrators acting like cowards.   The good news is that the country is taking a close look at our dysfunctional colleges and universities.    

The left will lose this temper tantrum and regret the day that the whole country saw what is really going on in many of these classrooms.

Let me bring back a popular phrase from the left:   "The whole world is watching".

Yes, the whole world is watching and the people paying the taxes, and tuition, are not liking what they see.

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Why are Cuban refugees trying to get into Nicaragua?

As you may recall, the advocates of changing our policy toward Cuba always said that Cubans will be better off once U.S. tourists start spending money in the island or businesses start opening up shops to sell this or that. It worked so well in Vietnam that they decided to do it in Cuba.
Call it the unintended consequences of reestablishing relations but a lot of people in Cuba are not waiting for “the Yankee dollar”. They are leaving Cuba instead. They want out!  
I’m not talking about an orderly exit of Cubans as happened before. In fact, it’s the exact opposite and it will be reaching the U.S.-Mexico border very soon.   
According to news reports, the Cuban wave is coming and we are not talking about baseball players: 
According to Diario de Cuba, the number of Cubans arriving in the United States has increased 78 percent this year compared to 2014.
This comes after Washington and Havana began to restore bilateral relations, which had been broken since 1961, last December.
Luis Enrique Ferrer GarcĂ­a, who serves as the Cuban Patriotic Union’s (UNPACU) international spokesman, tells the PanAm Post that “the recent exodus provides further evidence of the Cuban people’s desperation.”
We saw a story this week of 700 Cubans storming the Nicaragua border:
On Sunday, November 15, the Nicaraguan government deployed the military and police and ordered them to close down the border, preventing nearly 1,000 Cubans from continuing their travels. The migrants had entered Costa Rica the day before using special transit visas.+
Despite the Nicaraguan government’s best efforts, around 700 Cubans still managed to cross the border.
However, nine kilometers into Nicaraguan territory, the group of migrants clashed with a small battalion of Nicaraguan security forces in anti-riot gear, who then expelled them from the country
So what’s going on?  What are Cubans doing trying to get into Nicaragua?  The answer is that they want to get into Mexico and eventually find their way to the U..S. border.
As we’ve posted before, there is a huge disillusionment in the island, specially the young people who see no future at all.    
Second, they want to get here before the U.S. cancels the Cuban Adjustment Act. Over the years, Cubans have been legalized  by simply showing up in the U.S. It will change very soon because it makes no sense to treat Cubans differently than, say, Mexicans.  
The Cuban government is once again “in your face, Obama” by blaming the U.S. for the refugee crisis. They blame it on the aforementioned act, a rather ludicrous charge since they’ve grown accustomed toremittances and visits by these “legalized Cubans” in the U.S.
So get ready for another refugee crisis.  
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Cuban refugees in Central America and headed to the US


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