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Baseball 2017 and other Dallas Ft Worth sports

Guests: Carlos Torres and David Busby..........we look at the Rangers 2017.....Beltre will start the season on DL and Gallo at 3rd base.......predictions of AL and NL a quick look at the Stars, Mavs and Tony Romo's future..............and more stories............. .....check our friends at for the best in audio books...... click here for residential electricity quotes................

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“Roe v Wade” aborted civility in the US Senate

My guess is that every Democrat knows what the fight against Judge Gorsuch is all about.   They know but can’t admit publicly.   It’s all about “Roe v Wade”, the most poisonous and destructive opinion ever written by a modern Supreme Court.
Let me share what David Brooks wrote in 2005, when President Bush appointed Judge Alito and we saw a similar spectacle:
“Justice Harry Blackmun did more inadvertent damage to our democracy than any other 20th-century American.
When he and his Supreme Court colleagues issued the Roe v. Wade decision, they set off a cycle of political viciousness and counter-viciousness that has poisoned public life ever since, and now threatens to destroy the Senate as we know it.
When Blackmun wrote the Roe decision, it took the abortion issue out of the legislatures and put it into the courts.
If it had remained in the legislatures, we would have seen a series of state-by-state compromises reflecting the views of the centrist majority that’s always existed on this issue.
These legislative compromises wouldn’t have pleased everyone, but would have been regarded as legitimate.
Instead, Blackmun and his concurring colleagues invented a right to abortion, and imposed a solution more extreme than the policies of just about any other comparable nation.
And here we are.    We watch US Senators ask stupid questions about opinions written years ago.   The Democrats look for ways of asking the same thing:  Are you going to overturn “Roe v Wade”?
Want to bring civility and decency back to the Senate?   Pray that a future Justice Gorsuch and 4 of his colleagues overturn “Roe v Wade” and send it back to the states.   
It won’t please everyone but at least we won’t have to watch future judicial nominations go through this circus.
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DNC Chairman Tom Perez explodes about Trump

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What Democrat will tell the base to throw away their Russian fantasies?

A few days ago, I was on local Spanish radio talking about politics. The host asked me about Russia meddling in the 2016 elections. I replied with a few points:
First, the Russians, or USSR, or the evil empire, as we anti-communists used to call them, have always tried to interfere with elections. That’s what “commies” do. They hate people who vote in free elections; and,
Second, the Russians had no influence in changing the vote on November 8, unless you want me to believe that Putin didn’t know that California, Illinois, Virginia and New York were part of the Union. In other words, Mrs. Clinton won those rather easily! What Russian dropped the ball in those states? What secret Russian agent wasn’t told about the vote in those states?
It’s time for some adult — the few remaining — to call on Democrats to drop this nonsense about Russia and Trump. I write this as someone who did not support Mr. Trump in the primaries. I did vote for Mr. Trump because the Clinton option was simply unacceptable for the U.S.
Maybe Andy McCarthy’s post should be required reading for the angry left this week:   
So now, there is just one very inconvenient problem for the “Russia hacked the election” narrative, the tireless media-Democrat harangue since November 8: 
Everything of substance that is known to the U.S. government about Russian meddling was already known in those pre-election weeks when Clinton and the Democrats were hailing the legitimacy of the process. They’ve changed their tune not because the facts changed, but because they lost. 
And what’s their story now? It’s pretty much the same one they scalded Trump for telling. They peddle a three-part rigged election claim: 
(1) foreign interference, not by illegal aliens who may have voted but by Russians who did not affect the voting process; 
(2) one-sided press coverage — they mean the Russian propaganda press and the WikiLeaks release of DNC and John Podesta e-mails, which they’d now have you believe had more influence on Americans than did the Democrat-media complex and the grudging State Department release of Hillary Clinton’s own e-mails; and
(3) the corruption that lifted a low-character candidate who should not have been allowed to run but who received extraordinary government assistance — not from the Obama Justice Department but from the Putin regime. 
The story is never going to fly.  
That’s correct. It ain’t gonna fly no matter how many leftists continue to put this cream in their Starbucks coffee.
The Democrat Party has a lot of problems, from losing all federal power in 2016 to getting wiped out in state legislatures during the Obama years. They need to grow up and start acting seriously.
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Baseball predictions for 2017

Opening Day 2017 and time for some predictions again.

The Mets will win the NL East by a couple of games over the Nationals.   It will be a great race.   Watch out for the Marlins.

The Cubs will repeat in the NL Central but not run away with it as they did last season.   The Cardinals will hang around and make September competitive.

The Dodgers will win the NL West but the Giants and Padres will be around all the way.

The Nationals and Giants will be the NL wild card teams.

The Red Sox will win the AL East.   Toronto will hang around and keep an eye on the young Yankees.

The Indians will repeat in the AL Central.   Keep an eye on the young White Sox and the Tigers will unload a lot of veterans at the trading deadline.     

The Rangers will repeat in the AL West but the Astros and Mariners will push it to the last weekend.

The Astros and Mariners will be the AL wild card teams.

No one is going to run away with any division in 2017.    Look for very good pennant races and lots of scoreboard watching in September.

Last, but not least, Adrian Beltre will join the 3,000 hit club before the All Star break.

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