Saturday, December 05, 2015

Obama in Wonderland

We heard from the FBI that the shooting in San Bernardino was a terrorist act.   Maybe we will finally hear from President Obama.   

What is President Obama thinking?   We can't read his mind but Peter Wehner has a point:
Here’s the problem: There is an independent reality apart from what Mr. Obama thinks. He can ignore the truth, but he cannot wish it out of existence. And by ignoring the reality of things, he makes everything worse. (It turns out that calling ISIS a “jayvee team” last year and declaring it “contained” a day before the massacre in Paris doesn’t make it so. Who knew?)
Mr. Obama is lost and confused, inhabiting a world of his own making. That would be bad enough if he was a community organizer; it is disastrous for a man who is president. America and the world are paying a terrible price because of the closing of Barack Obama’s mind.
Yes, President Obama is dangerous!

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We’d better start profiling terrorists….

Over in France, they are going hard against potential threats. They are using their new powers to find and look for people who fit a certain profile.   
The LA Times reports on what’s going on in France:
The aggressive moves are seen as an attempt by the country’s leaders to regain the trust of a shocked and frightened public after two major terrorist strikes in less than a year. But some human rights groups worry that the measures endanger the country’s cherished civil liberties and could further alienate Muslim communities that have long felt isolated and aggrieved.
Since the November attacks, more than 2,200 raids have been carried out, more than 230 people detained and 350 placed under house arrest, according to figures released this week.
Many of those being swept up in the crackdown are people flagged as potential threats in the security services’ notorious “S files.”
To be fair, we don’t have quite the threat that they do in Europe. They are flooded with potential threats. We don’t have to go as far as they have.
Nevertheless, we need to start taking our own measures and they may be uncomfortable for many.   
First, we need a formal declaration of war so that everyone is on board. My guess is that most Americans understand that declaring war is a necessary step; and,  
Two, we need to start profiling terrorists.  
Back in October 2001, about a month after September 11th, Peggy Noonan wrote something that stills makes a lot of sense:  
The people who are trying to kill us with bombs and biological weapons are not from Canada, Chile, China, India, Ireland, Tanzania, Congo, New Zealand or the island of Jamaica.
They are from the Arab Mideast. They are not Israeli.
They are men, and not women.
They are young men. That is, they are not old men, and they are not children.
So: We know the profile of the bad guys.
Yes we know the profile and San Bernandino reminded us of just how deadly these people can be. By the way, we can add young women to that profile.
Memo to young Muslims living or looking to enter the U.S.: Please forgive us but we have a few extraordinary questions to ask of you.   We mean no disrespect but this is a  matter of life and death.
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