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Friday's show: Too much noise in Washington, corruption in Brazil plus other stories of the day

We will look at the mess in Washington over the new book.....too noisy in Washington.....big settlement with US investors down in Brazil..............this is good news for foreign investors and the rule of law.........lots of cold temperatures up north................Happy # 70 Charlie Hough.......we remember former House Speaker Tip O'Neill & Steelers Coach Chuck Noll................and other stories........

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Friday's video: The media obsessed with a book

The new book “Fire and Fury” is a direct attack on President Trump....don’t waste your’s a partisan book with little historical another book or switch channels........

Noisy days in Washington

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Future historians may look back and call it “the noisy days of Trump.”  I’d rather call it “the noisy days of Trump, when nobody paid attention to what was really going on.”
The news is all about Bannon and that new book coming out.  It apparently presents a bad image of President Trump.
Frankly, who cares?  It sounds to me like another opportunistic author trying to cash in. 
As the noise grows, we hear this about jobs
Private[-]sector job creation surged in December as a strong holiday shopping season pushed companies to hire more workers, according to a report Thursday from ADP and Moody’s Analytics. 
Companies hired 250,000 new workers to close out the year, well above Wall Street expectations of 190,000.  The month was the best for job creation since March and topped the 185,000 in November, a number that was revised lower by 5,000.
“Jobs,” as my late father used to tell me, is one four-letter word everybody loves to hear.
A few days ago, an article in the New York Times gave President Trump’s decisions credit for the U.S. economy.  Check it out:
A wave of optimism has swept over American business leaders, and it is beginning to translate into the sort of investment in new plants, equipment[,] and factory upgrades that bolsters economic growth, spurs job creation – and may finally raise wages significantly.
While business leaders are eager for the tax cuts that take effect this year, the newfound confidence was initially inspired by the Trump administration’s regulatory pullback, not so much because deregulation is saving companies money but because the administration has instilled a faith in business executives that new regulations are not coming.
So shut off the noise, and that also means cable news networks, and take a look at what is happening around you.  Yes, there is a lot of noise, but there are also a lot of good things happening in the U.S. economy.
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What they used to say about Lincoln, Ike, Reagan and Bush!


KC, LA, NO & Buffalo will win this weekend

2018 will be an important year in Mexico

"Fire and fury": My guess is that you will see many "used copies" of this book for sale very soon.....

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My guess is that you will see many "used copies" of this book for sale very soon...........This is from Kieran Corcoran:   
The author of the explosive new book about Donald Trump's presidency acknowledged in an author's note that he wasn't certain all of its content was true.
Michael Wolff, the author of "Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House," included a note at the start that casts significant doubt on the reliability of the specifics contained in the rest of its pages.
Several of his sources, he says, were definitely lying to him, while some offered accounts that flatly contradicted those of others.
But some were nonetheless included in the vivid account of the West Wing's workings, in a process Wolff describes as "allowing the reader to judge" whether the sources' claims are true.  
Wonder if any one can claim a refund?

Memory Lane: My 2006 fun predictions!

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The Rangers helped themselves by adding pitchers Millwood, Eaton and Padilla.  Is it enough to win the very tough AL West? I don't think so. The Angels are still a good veteran team. The A's have young pitching.

But the Rangers will be in the race in '06 and be a legitimate contender for the wild card. The bottom line is this: The Rangers will play meaningful games in September!

Mark Texeira will be the AL MVP. Mark is the next big superstar in baseball. He is a switcher who can hit 40 hrs!

The Mavericks and Stars will get into the playoffs but advance little. The Stars are more likely to get into the conference finals. The Mavs are a second round team. They cannot get by the big boys in the West.

What about the Chicago White Sox? They won last year and have helped themselves a lot by adding Thume and Vazquez.

The White Sox will play the Yankees in the ALCS. The Braves have wonderful young players and they will face St. Louis in the NLCS.

Last year, I predicted a New York-St Louis world series!

I will try it again!

Reality check:   St. Louis beat Detroit in the World Series!

Rangers a bit quiet but talking to Lorenzo Cain

The White Sox were the sports' story of 2005

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It is true that the Patriots won their 3rd title in 4 years. It had not happened since the Cowboys did it in the early 90's.

Yet, how can you top a team that won its first World Series since 1917?

Hands down. No contest. The Chicago White Sox were the sports story of 2005.

December 2005: If you love Che, you do not love freedom

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Back in December 2005, The New York Sun published a wonderful commentary on the latest Che exhibition in New York. 

Once again, let me say it over and over again: If you love Che, you do not love freedom.

I understand that most of the visitors had little information on Che's life. 

The New York Sun did a good job of updating Che's story.

My favorite line from the article was this:

"Che's picture was certainly not displayed during the Solidarity protests in Poland in the 1980s or in the Tiananmen Square demonstration in China in 1989, when men and women genuinely hazarded their lives for freedom."
That's right.

Che continues to be very popular with the anti-US crowd. He is not very respected by those who lived under communism, such as the Polish workers or Chinese dissidents.

Che was a killer. He did not hold a single election or tolerate any dissent.      

P.S. Don't forget to check out Humberto Fontova's book:

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