Sunday, May 10, 2015

Maybe people are just tired of paying taxes for what doesn't work

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We are hearing a lot about the electoral upset in the U.K.  A few days ago, it sounded like one of those "too close to call" elections that keep you up all night. 

As you know, it turned out to be an easy one for PM Cameron and his side:
Of the five largest parties, the Conservatives gained 36.9% of the vote, Labour 30.4%, UKIP (UK Independence Party) 12.6%, Liberal Democrats 7.9%,  SNP 4.7% and Green 3.8%.
According to an analysis on the New York Post, there is a lesson for those of us over here:
Indeed, the right’s been on the rise across the English-speaking world, from Australia to Canada to India and now Britain.
The class-warfare stuff, in particular, seems a hard sell.
After all, last fall, Mayor de Blasio, keynoting Labor’s party conference, called income inequality “the issue of our time throughout the globe.”
He told Labor leader Ed Miliband, “You are on the right side of history.”
Oops. After his historic loss, Miliband quit his leadership post Friday.
The Clinton campaign might want to look for a slightly different “issue of our time.”

There are always a lot of local and personality factors in elections elsewhere.  So let's be careful with the comparisons.  It's not always apples with apples.

However, I think we saw a U.K. electorate sick and tired of paying for a government not delivering results.  

In other words, it's not so much about ideology as it is results.    

This is no longer a debate between liberals and conservatives, or left vs. right.    

It is between people paying for the meal and lots of others eating for free.

The welfare state started out as a compassionate idea to care for the needy and the poor.  Such goals had bipartisan support, especially in countries rooted in the Judeo-Christian faith.

The welfare state today is about dependency, abusive regulations, out-of-control un-elected bureaucrats who are running our lives, and over-taxed economies that can't create jobs.  

Add to all of this how the welfare state has destroyed the family unit, and you have something that needs massive repair.

It's time to pull the plug on such a bad idea.  I think that's what these voters are saying.  They are sick and tired of paying taxes for something that does not deliver what was promised.

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