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No jail for "the salon lady" plus Biden vs Trump & money problems for states

No jail for "the salon lady" plus Biden vs Trump & money problems for states 05/06 by Silvio Canto Jr | Politics:

The salon lady won't go to jail in Dallas.....States have money problems.....My AT post about Biden's problems with young people..Biden vs Trump are not important at this point of the campaign....Cuomo passes tax bill to volunteers who came to New York....Babe Ruth # 1 in 1915....Happy # 89 Willie Mays....1937 Hindergerg disaster.....and other stories....
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Wednesday’s video: States running out of cash for unemployment insurance....

Helicopter money is here | FT Alphaville

Wednesday’s video:
States running out of cash for unemployment insurance...
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The young not into Joe

Elections 2020 With 20/20 Vision - Vinita Gupta Blog
The election is six months away and we can say a few things:

1) The RCP average of polls has former Vice President Joe Biden beating President Trump by 5 points:

2) The latest “betting odds” has President Trump up by 8 points:
and most interesting;

3) The young are not into Joe.

This is from Justin Hawkins:    

According to an extensive survey by the Institute of Politics at the Harvard Kennedy School of Government released in late April, only 34 percent of Americans aged 18 to 29 say they have a favorable view of the former vice president, with just 8 percent saying they have a “very favorable” opinion of Biden. 
In the same survey, 47 percent of young people said they have an unfavorable view of Biden.
Although the percentage of young people who said they have an unfavorable view of President Trump was much higher (63 percent), the percent who said they have a favorable opinion of Trump was only four percentage points lower (30 percent) than Biden’s. 
And, quite interestingly, more young people said they have a “very favorable” view of Trump, 14 percent.
Even worse for Biden, when asked if they would rather vote for Trump, Biden or an independent candidate in 2020, only 39 percent said they would choose Biden. 
One-quarter chose Trump, and a whopping 16 percent said they would rather pick an independent.

That 16% is huge!  

Of course, I’m always skeptical of anything having to do with young voters.  My reason for being skeptical is that they don’t always vote.

No matter what, it’s not the kind of “polling data” that the Democrats want to hear.
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Lena is what we got for Beto

Have you heard of Lena Hidalgo?
She is a progressive elected in the “Beto wave” of 2018.  As you may remember, the left invested $80 million to defeat Senator Ted Cruz the last time. Beto O’Rourke didn’t win, but the Democrats used the money to boost Democrat turnout and that’s how we got Lena Hidalgo by 25,000 votes, or 49.8% to 49.2%.   
By the way, this is not a judicial position, but rather more of a county administrative post.
County Judge Hidalgo has been on the front pages lately.
First, she ordered residents to cover their faces in public. The Houston Police Officer’s Union refused to enforce it and criticized the order as unworkable and potentially unconstitutional.
Judge Hidalgo came back with a tweet that created more controversy than her first order:   
What’s next for Lena Hidalgo? I don’t know but let’s hope that the GOP gets that seat back in 2022.  
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