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Wednesday's show: A look at 2018 and the politics ahead with Barry Casselman, The Prairie Editor

Guest:  Barry Casselman, The Prairie Editor.........we will look at the state of US politics from 2017 and now into 2018............there are mixed signals about electoral "waves"........and then there is always North Korea, Iran and Pakistan...and other stories....

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Wednesday's video: The Trump tweets

Some in the media and Democrat Party are going insane over the Korea nuclear button tweet.....the reaction is hysterical and hilarious.....stop analyzing or overreacting to President Trump’s tweets....

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Wanted: Support for the women of Iran

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We are happy that President Trump is talking about the marchers in Iran. We are even happier to hear that the regime is concerned about its survival. 
I agree with Stephen Miller:
The most striking images coming out of the Iran human rights protests are not of men – they are of women.  And while American media [were] slow and even hesitant to pick up that anything at all was actually happening – this, while protests ignited for what is now six full days around Iran, nine years after the Green Movement protests began – Twitter was flooded with videos and photos on the ground, in defiance of the Iranian regime’s social media policy.
It is remarkable to see the young people and the women on the streets, as the article explains:
Every one of these searing images [is] of women.  Women are the predominant face of this blossoming revolution.  Women are risking the most to speak out against the Iranian [m]ullahs.  So the question must be asked: [w]here are the women’s movement[-]supporters in the United States and Europe, which gathered en masse to protest a newly inaugurated American president last year? 
More specifically, empowered by the cultural muscle of #MeToo celebrity leaders and Women’s March[-]organizers such as Linda Sarsour: [w]hy are you silent?  If these nameless women can speak out in the face of true tyranny, risking actual imprisonment and death, why can’t you?
Iranian women are not adorning pink knitted hats, or costumes resembling female genitalia.  They won’t be attending award shows.  They aren’t wearing red cloaks and bonnets inspired by their favorite Netflix show.  No, these brave women are caught on videotape and in photographs for the world to see, and the women’s movements have yet to barely offer so much as a tweet or a Facebook post of support.  The official Women’s March Twitter account has tweeted exactly zero times in support of women protesting in Iran.  Zero.
Has anyone heard from President Obama?  He took a little vacation back in 2009 and did not really take sides on the street confrontations.  It certainly sent a signal that he would not challenge the regime, no matter how poorly it treated its people.
Today, the regime, which President Obama went out of his way to sign a deal with, is as harsh as ever.  At what point will President Obama say he is disappointed or wishes we had demanded more from Iran?
And finally, where are the feminists standing with the sisters of Tehran?  They must be busy planning their next march against Trump.
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The new tax law and its impact on Texas and Florida...

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This is a very interesting opinion on the new tax reform law by Jared Dillian:   
My prediction: Over time, New York City will lose its status as the intellectual and cultural capital of America. 
The real estate market in California, at stretched valuations, will suffer. Minnesota, Oregon, Iowa, Maine and others will also feel the pain. 
Florida and Texas will become the new centers of finance and innovation, with real estate values in Austin and Miami -- and even Nashville -- reaching valuations once reserved for California and New York over the course of a few decades.
I guess that elections have consequences!

2005 "leak" and the timing of the New York Times

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What some are calling "The timing of The Times" is indeed a fair question. Tom Bevan's RCP blog raised this question:
"Why would The Times chose to run this clearly controversial story today, of all days, after it had been sitting on it (at the administration's request) for more than a year?"
Why on the day after the extremely successful Iraqi elections?

Or on the day of the Patriot Act debate?

Or does it have something to do with the promotion of a new book? 

A post from 2007: It was a tough year to raise a teen daughter!

(We wrote this post in 2007.   Unfortunately, not much has changed.)

As the father of 3 sons, I had my problems with today's culture. It's not any easier for parents of teen girls. From the Spears sisters to the nightly garbage on TV, our culture is not helping us raise children.

How Our Sex-Obsessed Culture is Hurting Young Women By Carol Platt Liebau is a warning to all of us:
"The results are devastating.

Giving too much, too soon can result in girls confronting emotions including regret, anxiety, guilt, shame, and lack of trust in males.

In fact, recent academic research has suggested that even modest sexual experimentation increases the risk of depression for girls, so it’s worth asking:

Does the widespread sexual behavior celebrated by teen culture explain in part the CDC’s latest report finding that suicide rates among preteen and young teen girls had spiked by a whopping 76%?"
We are talking about young girls!  Let's keep them young and innocent just a bit longer!  It's obvious that these young girls can not handle all of this pressure!

Blame everything on climate change?

Get ready for a lot more global warming hysteria in 2018.   Or, do we now call it climate change?

Where do we go from here? Let's start by putting an end to the hysteria and treat this whole subject more seriously.   

How about a blue ribbon commission made up of climate experts who can give us a report based on science rather than politics!

January 2008: A new Iraq after the surge!

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At the end of 2006, we waited for Iraq to hang Saddam Hussein.  A year later or at the end of 2007, Iraq was a new place and you could hear it in the people's voices:
“We like to live in peace and are glad that no one in Baghdad can call us terrorists. It has taken a long time but we appreciate the Americans.” (Shami Karim, a 27-year-old fruit stall holder quoted in Baghdad calm one year after Saddam's death)
Here is a Mr. Hussein, another resident also quoted above:

"The Americans proved that ordinary life was possible here again.”
It was indeed a new Iraq!

2008 and Obama-mania...........

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Back in February 2008, a liberal wrote this:
"I’m nervous because too many Obama-philes sound like Moonies, or Hare Krishnas, or the Hale-Bopp-Is-Coming-To-Get-Me nuts!! 
These true believers “Obama-ize” everything.

They speak Obama-ese.

Knit for Obama. Run for Obama.

Gamble - Hold ’Em Barack! - for Obama.

They make Obama cakes, underwear, jewelry.

They send Valentine cards reading, “I want to Barack your world!
At campaign rallies people scream, cry, even faint as Obama calmly calls for the EMTs. When supporters pant en masse, “I love you!” (like The Beatles, circa 1964), Barack says, “I love you back” with that deliciously charming, almost cocky smile. 
Oh - I’m nervous because it’s all gone to his head and he hasn’t even won yet."

It gets better. 

Read the full report: When backing Barack feels like joining a cult By Margery Eagan!

2008: Remember when they were fainting at the Obama rallies!

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Remember when they fainted at The Beatles' concerts?  Elvis?  Sinatra?

They were fainting at the Obama's rallies, too.   Obama's "words of hope" had such an impact that people were fainting.

See the story! (The Obama (Fainting) Spell)

Obama was dangerous for your emotions back then.   We learned that he was even more dangerous to national security and pocketbooks!

P.S.  Obama had an impact on the media, too:

Trump's tweets are not going to start a war.....

Trump tweets?

A word about impeachment and mid-terms.......

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In less than one year, the good people of the US will vote for Congress and the US Senate.

Apparently, according to Michael Goodwin, some Democrats will call for majorities to "impeach" President Trump.

Bad idea!    Talk of impeachment will help President Trump not Democrats!

Remember when gas was 28 cents a gallon?

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Back in 1973,  I filled up my dad's car tank for 29 cents a gallon.  It was an old 8 cylinder Ford station wagon and nobody cared about the MPG, or miles per gallon.    (I remember when they had "gas wars" and it was 17 cents a gallon but I was not driving then!)

In 1980, I paid about $1 a gallon when I filled up my 4 cylinder car.

Today, we drive a very efficient 4-cylinder that weighs a lot less than my dad's old station wagon. 

Like many others, I changed my habits and looked for a more efficient way to get around.   

A little trivia about US presidents!

Too busy thinking about Nixon!

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Like the Marvin Gaye song ("Too busy thinking about my baby"), some in the media and Democrats are too busy thinking about everything Nixon.   They can not stop writing books or making movies about it.

Enter Kyle Smith, who wrote a post about it:   
What is going on is that, like the flabby 59-year-old who can’t stop telling you how he scored the winning touchdown in high school, liberals can’t stop reliving the Watergate era. 
To them, Watergate stands for the twin milestones, never approached since, of taking out a Republican president and making heroes out of liberal reporters.
Wouldn't it be nice if they go that excited about Benghazi or the IRS going after conservative groups?    Nevertheless, too much Nixon gives them another escape from the real reasons that Mrs. Clinton lost in 2016!   

The police state is over in Iran not here

2005: "Bush lied" and the Downing Street Memo

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The so called Downing Street memo was another edition of the "Bush lied about WMD's story".

According to the memo, Bush & Blair planned to attack Iraq in 2002.

Really?   I remember the summer of 2002.  I remember all of the newspaper stories about military plans, "shock and awe", etc.  

Indeed, Bush had ordered military plans for an invasion of Iraq.    What was the secret?

What was the big deal about this memo? 

North Korea: Another failure of the Clinton years!

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What about North Korea and the Clinton administration?  What did they do about the situation from 1994-99.   Check out this timeline:   
The hallmark of Clinton policy was supposedly the 1994 Agreed Framework, which banned Pyongyang from churning out nukes in return for billions worth of aid. 
But as the North Koreans have since acknowledged, they spent most of the '90s trying to produce weapons-grade uranium--and, in 1998, launched a Taepodong-1 rocket over Japan. Meanwhile, as they diverted foreign aid into WMD and missile factories, millions of North Koreans died of starvation.
"Looking at this record," quipped Investor's Business Daily, "maybe Albright actually had it right. North Korea's acquisition of nuclear weapons and ever-more sophisticated ballistic missiles--including the Taepodong-2 C launched this week--were indeed the result of five years of failed diplomacy. It's just that the five failed years lasted from 1994-1999."
History has already issued a very harsh judgment on the Clinton administration and North Korea.

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