Friday, December 20, 2019

Merry Christmas and happy new year

One liberal columnist has a message for Dems

We’ve been reporting that impeachment is a losing proposition for Democrats.
Add Chris Cillizza to the list calling on Democrats to cut their losses and change the subject. He cites recent public opinion polls:
But what the trend line in recent weeks suggests is that the intense focus on impeachment has marginally helped, not hurt Trump. The change in public opinion is slight, yes. And it may well be temporary. But for the moment, it’s the sort of thing that has to make Democrats a little (and maybe more than a little) nervous about the path they have chosen.
Yes, the trend line is not good for Democrats.  President Trump may have been re-elected when the speaker wore a black dress and read the Pledge of Alliance.
Speaker Pelosi made several mistakes here:
1. She bought the nonsense that the Ukraine phone call would crack Republican support.  She would have enjoyed more success with a censure resolution condemning the phone call.
2. The hearings were so one-sided that they did not change the needle.
3. She missed an opportunity to pull the plug on impeachment this week.  She could have pulled it off the schedule until further notice.
Speaker Pelosi is now living the partisan nightmare she warned us about a few months ago.  In other members, no Republicans joined Democrats in voting for impeachment.
I wonder if Speaker Pelosi wishes she’d done this very differently!  My guess is yes.
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