Saturday, July 23, 2016

The three messages that hit me from Trump’s acceptance speech

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The family feud is over and it's time to get behind the Trump/Pence ticket.  The alternative is Hillary Clinton and that is a problem.

In baseball terms, Trump hit this one out of the park, as The New York Post tells us:
The Republican nominee needed to not just act presidential, but be presidential — while still being himself.
He needed to keep every ounce of New York toughness and roughness he’d shown in the campaign to date, while also showing sensitivity and a sincere commitment to making life better for all Americans.
He needed to show a coherent policy vision recognizably his, that spoke to “his” voters, regular Republicans and all Americans.
And he did it in a speech characteristically Trump — wandering and emphatic, hard-hitting and a little chatty; blending policy and principle, anecdote and attack line, while speaking from the heart.
He touched me with 3 messages:

1) He will put America first.    Frankly, many of us have not felt that the incumbent has been doing that, from the Iran deal to sitting next to Raul Castro at a baseball game in Cuba.     Are we better off because we signed that agreement with Iran?   or put an embassy in Havana without demanding a single condition from the corrupt Castro brothers?   Has President Obama's quick departure from Iraq made us safer?   Did drawing a line in Syria and doing nothing about it earned us respect?    I say no to all!       
2) He will fight for US workers not by promoting a higher minimum wage like the Democrats will say next week but by unleashing US industries, from energy to manufacturing.

3) He will project strength around the world, such as reminding some countries that we can't defend them if they don't live up to their side of the deal.   It's time to remind all concerned that NATO is an agreement between allies and not a one-way street paid for by US taxpayers.  We can't defend Europeans who won't defend themselves!

Will it work?   We will know in a few months but he is off to a good start.

One quick note for Mr. Trump:    

Go to inner cities and ask a simple question:  How are you doing in the eighth year of our first African American president?  

Go to Hispanic communities and ask:  What did you get for giving 70% of your vote to Democrats?

It will be very tough for Mrs. Clinton to bring this level of passion and energy to her convention.   Delivering a rousing message is not something Mrs. Clinton does well.   

Mrs. Clinton will also have to balance her shift to the left with reality.   It won't be easy!

So far so good and Mr. Trump needs to keep it going.

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