Friday, October 04, 2019

Trump dares Democrats to impeach him plus Sputnik 1957

Trump dares Democrats to impeach him plus Sputnik 1957 10/04 by Silvio Canto Jr | Politics:

President Trump dares Democrats to impeach him.......Trump questions the constitutionality of an inquiry.......More 'whistleblower' blues......Charlton Heston 1923-2008....Sputnik 1957......'Leave it to Beaver' 1957....and more to listen:

Friday’s video: Call the Democrats’ bluff on impeachment......

Friday’s video:
Call the Democrats’ bluff on impeachment.......
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Can they think about the country for a change?

In sheer desperation, the Democrats are just saying anything, hoping that something nails President Trump.
The latest example is this charade about the whistleblower. To paraphrase the late Senator Lloyd Bentsen, I knew a whistleblower and you are no whistleblower.
Every American should be concerned today about this “whistleblower law.”  It was never intended to be for political backstabbing, as Ford O’Connell wrote:   
What should give the American public and some Democrats great pause is that the process for whistleblowers who wish to have their concerns expedited to Congress might have been altered to allow secondhand and even thirdhand information to suffice. 
Further, the whistleblower complaint reads more like a premeditated political set-up from a leaker than the misgivings of a concerned citizen worried about potential White House wrongdoings.
Yes, what’s the value of whistleblowers if they are blowing a partisan whistle?
At some point, serious Democrats need to stand up and stop this madness.  They need to remind the party leadership that impeaching President Trump is not worth it if you tear up the country.
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