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Trump and Cuba plus more impeachment madness & China 1949

Trump and Cuba plus more impeachment madness & China 1949 10/01 by Silvio Canto Jr | Politics:

President Trump and Cuba......Impeachment madness now goes after Secretary Pompeo.....Restaurants closing in New York City over $ 15 hour law........China 1949......Johnny Carson 1962......Roger Maris 61 in 1961............and other stories............click to listen:

Tuesday’s video: The Trump administration denied a Cuban Minister a visa

                                                                                                     Tuesday’s video: 

The Trump administration denied a Cuban Minister a visa.....

click to watch:

If you can’t beat him then impeach him?

In 13 months, voters will decide whether or not President Trump will be reelected.  This is what we’ve done ever since President Washington won reelection in 1792.  It’s happened every four years and Americans have done a good job overall.
Why are the Democrats so eager to impeach a man who will be up for reelection soon?  
The answer is twofold:
First, they don’t think that they will beat him, and,
Second, they’ve exhausted all of their options, as Victor Davis Hanson wrote:  
Aside from the emotional issue that Democrats, NeverTrumpers, and celebrities loathe Donald Trump, recently Representative Al Green (D-Texas) reminded us why the Democrats are trying to impeach the president rather than just defeat him in the 2020 general election.
“To defeat him at the polls would do history a disservice, would do our nation a disservice,” Green said.  “I’m concerned that if we don’t impeach the president, he will get re-elected.”
So, are they admitting that they can’t beat him on issues?  I think so.
Take a look at Democrats. 
Are they passing bills to pay reparations to African Americans or offer free medical care to illegal aliens? 
Did they pass a ban of assault weapons or move to confiscate AR-15s? 
Have you seen a bill extending Medicare for all? 
What happened to the wealth tax or raising income tax rates? 
Have they abolished student debt yet? 
Is anyone getting free college? 
Have they done anything about the Dreamers or the millions here illegally?
In other words, Democrat majorities cannot pass any of those ideas that we keep hearing about in the presidential debates.
So why impeach?   It’s the political “Hail Mary” of 2019-20!
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