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Thursday's show: North Korea, Cuba news and more stories about the FBI & the Trump campaign

We look at the latest story about President Trump cancelling the North Korea summit.....Senator Rubio wants The DOJ to indict Raul Castro......the FBI and the Trump campaign......Texas Democrats stay home in huge numbers.......the NFL has a new policy about players kneeling.............Happy # 77 Bob Dylan....Happy # 135 Brooklyn Bridge....and others stories.....

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Thursday's video: Indict Raul Castro?

It’s Lupe in Texas

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On Tuesday, we had elections in Texas.  I voted early in the GOP primary last week, and there was only one local contest.  Most of the action was on the Democrat side.
First, Lupe Valdez won and became the first Latina and lesbian nominated.
Second, Andrew White was endorsed by the Dallas Morning News and other newspapers, but he did not spend money in the stretch run.  One gets the feeling that White quit last week.
Third, the Democrats did not show up.
The big story was the pathetic turnout: Valdez won 226,613 votes, or 53%, to 199,857, or 47% for White.
In other words, fewer than 450,000 voted in this runoff.  What happened to the blue wave?
What happened to Democrat money-contributors?  Lupe Valdez is hoping they show up now that she is the nominee.
On the other hand, Governor Abbott got 1.39 million votes in an uncontested primary two months ago.  He is sitting pretty, as they say around here.
Just do the numbers.
Abbott versus Valdez is starting to look a lot like Abbott versus Davis in 2014.  Back then, the Democrats nominated a very liberal woman who fell flat in Texas.  She never connected with rural women and lost by 20 points.
Once again, the Democrats have nominated another liberal who is not even connecting with Democrats.
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Democrats party like it's 1920

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On Tuesday, 415,000 Democrats showed up to vote for governor........."and the smallest number of ballots cast — in the 14 Democratic gubernatorial primary runoffs held since 1920. That year, 449,000 Democrats voted, according to Texas Election Source's analysis of Texas State Historical Association data."    

What happened?    The easy answer is that the party was not excited about its choices.    Furthermore, Andrew White did not really campaign or put up much of an effort against a very flawed candidate like Lupe Valdez.

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A post from May 2007: Thank you Mexicans!

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A post from May 2007:

Texas is booming. Texas is the second largest economy in the US. We are grateful that Mexicans are spending their money here:
"According to the Greater Houston Convention and Visitors Bureau, Mexican tourists spend an average of $96 a day in the Bayou City and nearly half of the 1.8 million Mexicans who travel to Texas for leisure and business every year stop in Houston." (The Woodlands is a hot spot for wealthy Mexicans)
Of course, that's only Houston. My guess is that there are big numbers for Dallas or San Antonio.

I like this:
"Wealthy Mexican shoppers spend as much as $1,000 at the store, he said, and "everything that's the latest — that's what they go for."
Thank you Mexicans. Thank you for paying taxes in Texas!

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Rangers take a series from Yankees & Astros......

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Rangers took a series from Yankees & earlier from the Astros.    We need to play these super teams more often.

The biggest problem continues to be starting pitching.     We need for Moore and Perez to shape up.    

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A couple of songs to remember Bob Dylan's birthday

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Bob Dylan is is a year older today. I guess that he is old enough to collect Social Security.

He was born Robert Zimmerman in Duluth, Minnesota, on this day in 1941.      He changed his stage name to Bob Dylan.

Dylan wrote a lot of good songs.  My favorite of his solo performances is still "Mr. Tambourine Man" with "Like a rolling stone" coming in second.

Happy birthday Bob Dylan!

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Venezuela to Brazil........

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"The exodus has strained the social safety nets of Venezuela's neighbors, particularly in Boa Vista, where the 40,000 who have settled in shelters and public spaces now account for 10% of the city's population. 
The state of Roraima has become so overwhelmed that in mid-April, Gov. Suely Campos filed suit in Brazil's Supreme Federal Court demanding the federal government temporarily close the border. An average of 800 Venezuelans cross into Brazil every day. 
Others flood into Colombia. The migration never seems to slow."
It's a problem over in the Colombia border as well.

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