Monday, May 18, 2015

Step aside Justices, let Obama Care fail

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We are supposed to hear from the Supreme Court about the fate of Obama Care.  We hear that the Justices could pull the plug by ruling on the subsidies.

God only knows what the Justices will decide.   Frankly, I hope that they do nothing because Obama Care is falling apart on its own as Michelle Malkin wrotethis week:
While private health insurance exchanges have operated smoothly and satisfied customers for decades, the Obamacare models are on life support. Oregon's exchange is six feet under -- shuttered last year after government overseers squandered $300 million on their failed website and shady consultants who allegedly set up a phony website to trick the feds. The FBI and the U.S. HHS inspector general's office reportedly have been investigating the racket for more than a year now.In the People's Republic of Hawaii, which has been a "trailblazer" of socialized medicine for nearly four decades, the profligate state-run exchange demanded a nearly $30 million cash infusion to remain financially viable after securing $205 million for startup costs. The Hawaii Health Connector accidentally disconnected hundreds of poor patients' accounts and squandered an estimated 8,000 hours on technological glitches and failures. Enrollment projections were severely overinflated like a reverse Tom Brady scandal. After failing to secure a bailout, Hawaii announced this week that its exchange would be shut down amid rising debt.In Maryland, a state audit found that its health insurance exchange "improperly billed the federal government $28.4 million as former Gov. Martin O'Malley's administration struggled to launch what would become one of the most troubled websites in the nation," The Baltimore Sun reported in late March. That's in addition to the $90 million the state blew on technical problems. The state scrapped its junk website and forced enrollees to resubmit to the tortuous sign-up process all over again.Last week, federal prosecutors subpoenaed the Massachusetts Obamacare exchange after whistleblowers there exposed what a "technological disaster" its "Health Connector" program was. Boston's Pioneer Institute senior fellow in health care, Josh Archambault, released a report on Monday detailing the "complete incompetence" of the state's health bureaucrats from Day One. 

A couple of thoughts about this mess.

First, Obama Care is exhibit A of trying to fix a complicated problem with a federal solution.   It works on paper or at those meetings behind close doors.   It falls apart when you expose it to reality or the marketplace.

Second, I hope that a 2016 GOP nominee calls on turning over the entire health care issue to governors and state legislatures.  The placard should say:  Let the states do their own thing.

My guess is that it will work a lot of better when Texas creates its own plan and the other 49 states do the same thing.

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