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President Trump's 100 days with Leslie Eastman & Terry Lee Ebert Mendozza

Guests: Leslie Eastman, great friend of our show plus Terry Lee Ebert Mendozza, who is a founding member of The Trumpettes!.........we will look at the first 100 days, from Gorsuch to North Korea......You can read more here in Leslie's other stories like talk of tax reform and a health care plan...........

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"El Chapo Act", a brilliant idea from Senator Ted Cruz

Let’s say “thumb up” to Senator Cruz of Texas.  He wants “El Chapo” to pay for the wall:
U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) today introduced the Ensuring Lawful Collection of Hidden Assets to Provide Order (EL CHAPO) Act.
The bill would reserve any amounts forfeited to the U.S. Government as a result of the criminal prosecution of “El Chapo” (formally named Joaquin Archivaldo Guzman Lorea) and other drug lords for border security assets and the completion of the wall along the U.S.-Mexico border.
The U.S. Government is currently seeking the criminal forfeiture of more than $14 billion in drug proceeds and illicit profits from El Chapo, the former leader of the Sinaloa drug cartel who was recently extradited to the U.S. to face criminal prosecution for numerous alleged drug-related crimes, including conspiracy to commit murder and money laundering.
“Fourteen billion dollars will go a long way toward building a wall that will keep Americans safe and hinder the illegal flow of drugs, weapons, and individuals across our southern border,” said Sen. Cruz. “Ensuring the safety and security of Texans is one of my top priorities.
We must also be mindful of the impact on the federal budget. By leveraging any criminally forfeited assets of El Chapo and his ilk, we can offset the wall’s cost and make meaningful progress toward achieving President Trump’s stated border security objectives.”
El Chapo is not the only one. There are other assets out there that could be seized and applied to the construction of the wall, as our friend Fausta reported:
One cooperator, Juan Carlos Ramirez-Abadia, or “Chupeta,” 54, was a leading supplier of cocaine to Sinaloa and BLO through Colombia’s Norte del Valle cartel. He directed the production of business ledgers and was also prosecuted by Goldbarg. DEA agents helped obtain “the forfeiture of hundreds of millions of dollars” of Ramirez-Abadia’s purported billion-dollar fortune, U.S. authorities said when he was extradited in 2008 and remains under U.S. indictment…
Mayo’s son, Vicente Zambada Niebla, 41, agreed not to contest the forfeiture of nearly $1.4 billion — including cash, real estate, businesses, vehicles and other property — and cooperate with U.S. authorities while pending sentencing of 10 years to life in prison, a federal plea deal made public in 2014 in Chicago showed.
And then there are his relatives, who are living high off the hog.
Back in 2012 the U.S. Treasury Department put financial sanctions on El Chapo’s wife and son.
What are we waiting for? Let’s get started. Who would oppose having “narcos” pay for the wall?
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Tom, please call Wendy!

We understand that he later dialed it back a bit. Nevertheless, DNC Chairman Tom Perez sent shock waves through the electorate over the weekend. This is what he said:   
Tom Perez became the first head of the party to demand ideological purity on abortion rights, promising Friday to support only Democratic candidates who back a woman’s right to choose.
“Every Democrat, like every American, should support a woman’s right to make her own choices about her body and her health,” Perez said in a statement. “That is not negotiable and should not change city by city or state by state.”
“At a time when women’s rights are under assault from the White House, the Republican Congress, and in states across the country,” he added, “we must speak up for this principle as loudly as ever and with one voice.”
Perez’s statement follows the DNC’s controversial embrace of Heath Mello, a Democratic mayoral candidate in Omaha, Nebraska, whose years-long history of voting against abortion rights in the state Legislature drew fire from progressives this week. Daily Kos, a liberal website that raises money for lesser-known Democratic candidates, pulled its endorsement of Mello this week after discovering his history on the issue, and NARAL Pro-Choice America President Ilyse Hogue slammed the DNC for adding him to its cross-country unity tour.
So what do you do if you are pro-life Democrat? I guess that you have to choose between your personal values and the “D” after your name.    
Frankly, Mr. Perez’ remarks are insane, and may reflect the pressure that the party is under to pander to the left.     
It also shows the hypocrisy of the media.    
What would media reports be saying if the GOP chairman had said something the other way,  i.e. the party will only support pro-life candidates?     
We would hear about the GOP taken over by right-wingers and Christians unwilling to accept a different point of view. The GOP would be labeled “intolerant”. Every GOP lawmaker would be asked the question in the media. On the other hand, most of the media has been rather indifferent about Mr. Perez’ remarks.
In the meantime, the politics of this leave you wondering about his political common sense. Is the man that tone deaf?
Mr. Perez should chat with Wendy Davis, the Democrat who lost big in Texas in 2014. The reason, as Michael Barone pointed out, was abortion. I should add that Miss Davis’ position on abortion turned off a lot of Hispanic women in particular.
Who is flying the Democrats’ plane these days? It must be someone who wants to crash rather than land it.
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Tom, please call Wendy!

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