Thursday, July 07, 2016

A terrorist from Guantanamo is sent to Uruguay and disappears in Brazil........

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It was a heck of an indictment until he got to the indictment part

On Tuesday, I listened to FBI director James Comey on the radio.  They broke with the flash that Director Comey would address the media, and I did not want to miss it.  I even waited for him to finish before going into my appointment.  (I was early, so I had the luxury of 10 minutes.)    
My initial reaction to the director’s words was to say to myself: “She’s in bigger trouble than I thought…”
Then came the finish, and I got mad.  Yes, I am angry, because the country deserves better.  I found this editorialat the Wall Street Journal just right:
So there it is in the political raw: One standard exists for a Democratic candidate for President and another for the hoi polloi. 
We’re not sure if Mr. Comey, the erstwhile Eliot Ness, intended to be so obvious, but what a depressing moment this is for the American rule of law. 
No wonder so many voters think Washington is rigged for the powerful.
No wonder, indeed!  No wonder people feel that some can get away with something and some can’t.   
Some Democrats may cheer and say that the whole thing is over, but it is not.  In fact, it is just beginning.   
It does not take a partisan person to understand that people have suffered serious consequences for doing a lot less.  Can you say General Petraeus?    
Furthermore, how is the federal government going to prosecute the next person who decides to be sloppy with communications or emails?  Will that person claim the Hillary Exemption?  I’d bet that there are some defense lawyers out there thinking about new defense strategies.
Of course, it is now up to Mr. Trump to lead the political prosecution of Hillary Clinton.  He will have to make the case that Mrs. Clinton cannot be trusted, and Director Comey gave him all the material he needs to put in the teleprompter.
Unfortunately, Mr. Trump wasted the opportunity yesterday by getting into another explanation of how he opposed the Iraq War and Saddam Hussein killed terrorists.       
Someone needs to hold a sign at the Trump rallies with a simple message: “The jobs report, FBI, and mess in Middle East, and say nothing else”!
Sorry, but it’s time for Trump to get message discipline or let the delegates choose someone else!
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