Saturday, August 24, 2019

At least Cuban higher education admits it is propaganda

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For years, we’ve known that Cuba’s education is all about brainwashing students.  In other words, it’s the revolution first, and always first.
new report by independent journalists confirms it:    
A few weeks after the dismissal of Professor Omara Ruiz Urquiola, Cuba’s Deputy Minister of Higher Education (MES), Martha del Carmen Mesa Valenciano, has been given the task of defining the attitude a university professor should have. Her criterion has the merit of clarity since, according to her, teachers in higher education have to behave as activists of “revolutionary politics” of the Communist Party of Cuba (PCC).
In a text published on the official page of the MES, the official refers to the case of Ruiz Urquiola without mentioning her name. Mesa Valenciano acknowledges that the professor’s complaint, which circulated in social networks, motivated her to “take a tour” of Cuban higher education and make clear the official position regarding teachers.
“You are a university professor in order teach timely, constructive, contributing and supportive criticism and to build a better society together,” says the Deputy Minister, for whom “the wrong procedures, the bad actions of cadres, officials, leaders must be fought against,” without confusing these criticisms “with disrespect or with positions contrary to ‘revolutionary principles’.”
Mesa Valenciano cites the case of another professor, again without citing his name, who, in her opinion, “initiated a strong criticism of the decisions of the” Cuban leaders, “without perceiving that, with his irresponsible behavior in the comprehensive education of his students he confused them and showed them a wrong path.”
There it is!  No disrespect for revolutionary principles!
Again, this is not new for any of us familiar with Cuba or what public education has been and is.  It is a simply a way of teaching students whatever the dictatorship wants them to learn.
So remember the next time that someone tells you that they have free education in Cuba.   Yes, it’s free as long as you learn what the regime wants you to learn.
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