Sunday, September 04, 2016

How can anyone still be ‘with her’?

'Two inches or two feet? What difference does it make, senator?'
Mrs. Clinton’s campaign slogan is “I’m with her.”  It is amazing that anyone rational still is!
From day one, I’ve argued that this “email and server” story has two parts.    
The first one is legal and subject to all kinds of definitions of what this word means and so on – in other words, hard for most people to follow, unless someone is paying you to read the documents or opine on TV.  I’m what they call a news junkie, and the story confuses the heck out of me.
The second part is not confusing at all.  It has to do with common sense, honesty, and judgment – in other words, the three character qualities that employers expect of any American entrusted with a responsible position.
How can anyone still think Mrs. Clinton has judgment after the latest “dump,” as discussed by Bre Payton?
Clinton told the FBI that she didn’t pay attention to the different levels of classification, and that she didn’t understand that an email containing a “(C)” meant “classified,” but that she thought they were marked “alphabetical order.”
Her claims of ignorance – whether they’re true or not – violate an agreement she signed during her first day on the job in the State Department.
From the very beginning of her tenure as secretary of State, Clinton signed a non-disclosure agreement acknowledging that it was her responsibility to ascertain whether documents contained classified information. She also acknowledged the criminal penalties she would face if she disclosed government secrets.
She didn’t know that “C” meant classified?  Are you kidding me?  What else could it mean? Careful?  Candy?  Chicago Cubs?  And these are the same people who got all over Trump because he didn’t know about the nuclear triad?
At some point, you have to say Mrs. Clinton is either unfit for a responsible position or too much of a liar.  In my book, those are not good attributes for the person who will have to put the Middle East back together, tackle the collapse of Obamacare, and probably go on TV to announce that your son is headed to war again.
If she were an employee, she’d be fired.  If she stood before a jury, no one would buy her story that she did not know that “C” meant classified.   
No serious person can believe this candidacy anymore.
Mrs. Clinton is unfit to lead, and I have a funny feeling that many Democrats are coming to the same conclusion.
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