Saturday, November 05, 2022

NPR goes sick

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Recently, a friend told me about NPR broadcasting an abortion.  I thought that it was a joke or something from the Babylon Bee.  After all, who could be sick enough to broadcast or listen to an abortion?  Well, the answer is, NPR.  This is from National Review:   

On its radio broadcast Thursday morning, NPR played audio of a woman undergoing an abortion, complete with disturbing sounds of machinery vacuuming out the unborn child and the mother crying and moaning.   

The Michigan woman, whose identity was not revealed, received the procedure at eleven-weeks gestation, the outlet reported. In the audio, a vacuum can be heard suctioning out the unborn child, as well as the woman’s cries and moans. The segment concludes with a doctor telling the patient that the abortion had been completed. Laughter, sighs of relief, and words of moral support followed from the people in the room.    

NPR reporter Kate Wells did a voiceover while the abortion was occurring, so listeners were unable to make out conversation between the woman and medical staff.

For nine days in October, ahead of the midterm elections, Wells shadowed the staff at an abortion clinic, Northland Family Planning in metro Detroit, Mich., and reported her findings in an extensive article. She told the stories of multiple women who came through the doors and left after their babies had been removed from their wombs.

This is sick. Women leaving a clinic after "removing" their babies from "their wombs"?   

Well, at least she got an abortion after the Dobbsdecision.  So much for women losing reproductive rights!

And the reporter called them babies, or whatever was removed from their wombs.  

Not long ago, a story like this would have been rejected by the editor for being repulsive and not a news story.  However, the people running NPR are abortion activists and feel compelled to push the issue in such a grotesque manner.

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