Tuesday, July 25, 2023

Tuesday's podcast: Democrats and Republicans 2024.....Feds and interest rates.....and other stories

Tuesday's podcast:    

Democrats and Republicans 2024.....Feds and interest rates.....and other stories.....click to listen:

Tuesday's video: Democrats and Republicans 2024.....Feds and interest rates.....and others...

Tuesday's video:
Democrats and Republicans 2024.....Feds and interest rates.....and other stories


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Spain and the inconclusive election

 (My new American Thinker post)

Thumbs up for our system.  At least the winner here gets to form a government quickly. 
Over in Spain, they had an election and people wonder what the point of it was. 
Who won?  So far no one really knows.
This is the story:     
Spain was plunged into political uncertainty Monday a day after Alberto Núñez Feijóo's conservative Popular Party narrowly won the country's national election but without securing the parliamentary majority needed to topple the five-year-old coalition government of Socialist Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez.
The result means Feijóo can't claim outright victory, though he told his supporters he would try to form a government. That process is likely to take weeks or even months as Sánchez may also be able to secure support from smaller parties to form a governing coalition. A new election could also be called.
What a mess or, this is something like what happened in Canada, when Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was returned to power by cutting a deal with a small party.     
In other words, PM Sanchez could stay in power by cutting a deal with some of the other parties.  It could happen if PM Sanchez is supported by Junts, a Catalan pro-independence party.
Frankly, I'm disappointed because what we heard from friends is that the vote would be a referendum on jobs. the economy, inflation and a Spanish version of "malaise."     
It probably was but not enough to form a parliamentary majority.
So check the news because the election is over but forming a government is not.

"Pedro Pan": The story of how 14,000 Cuban children were sent to the US!

Time flies and we celebrate another anniversary of the Cuban-American experience.  The picture above shows parents saying goodbye to their children and putting them in a plane headed to Miami.  

We remember another anniversary this week:
"It hardly seems possible, but it’s been 50 years since Operation Pedro Pan began the airlift that eventually that brought 14,000 unaccompanied children from Cuba to this country." (Babalu Blog)
The Pedro Pan program touched every one of us in a very special way.

We salute the wonderful people who led this program.  

We remember the late Father Walsh and all of the wonderful nuns who cared for the children.  It was indeed a work of love!

How do you say "thank you" or "gracias" to so many people?  I think that you say "thank you" by standing up for freedom and remembering the sacrifice that our parents made for us.

P.S. In a previous show, we spoke with Carlos Eire, the wonderful Cuban American author, who was one of these kids.  Carlos discussed his book "Learning to die in Miami":

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