Thursday, February 10, 2022

Inflation highest since 1982 plus The mess in Afghanistan and other stories

Inflation highest since 1982......The mess in Afghanistan........and other to listen...............

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Thursday's video: The mess in Afghanistan

Thursday's video:  The mess in Afghanistan......

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Why wouldn't the U.S. military be furious with Biden's Afghanistan disaster?

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It took a few months but we are finally getting the story of what happened in Afghanistan.  As some of us suspected, it's not a pretty story.  The New York Post is reporting this:   

An Army investigation into the Biden administration’s catastrophic withdrawal from Afghanistan last year found the White House and State Department were too late in reacting to the Taliban’s final offensive, according to a new report Tuesday.

Senior officials failed to understand the significance of the Taliban’s push toward Kabul and resisted efforts by military commanders to prepare an evacuation of embassy staffers and Afghan allies in the weeks before the capital fell, putting American troops involved in the bugout in greater danger, according to the Washington Post, which cited the 2,000-page investigative report. 

The report also revealed previously unreported instances of violence directed at US forces, including a gun battle between Marines and Taliban fighters that killed two of the militants and another in which American troops killed a member of an elite Afghan unit and wounded six others after they fired on Americans. 

The investigation began after 13 US service members and more than 180 Afghan civilians were killed in a ISIS-K suicide bomb attack on Aug. 26 outside Hamid Karzai International Airport.

What we saw in Afghanistan was a Biden administration completely unprepared for a withdrawal of this magnitude.  They rushed for the gates and created a mess.

First, there was no urgency to get out.  Our troops were not attacked.  On the contrary, our troops were engaged in targeted missions or supporting the Afghan Army.  What was the rush?

Second, who came up with the idea of leaving military equipment behind?  We just gave the bad guys a massive gift of firepower that will probably end up in the hands of terrorists.   

Third, what about the air bases?  Whose airplanes will now use them?  I guarantee that it won't be NATO aircraft.

Fourth, the Biden administration continues to lie about the deal that President Trump made with the Afghan government.   It was a conditional deal.  No way this messy withdrawal happens with Trump in the White House.

The military should be upset with how things turned out.  Our military fought bravely only to see another politician pull the rug from under their feet as we saw in Vietnam in 1975.

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