Saturday, October 07, 2023

Saturday's podcast: Talk of a border wall and the storms in New York

Saturday's podcast:   

Talk of a border wall and the storms in New York

I love you, but stay home


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Mayor Eric Adams of New York City is down in Mexico talking "migrants."  His message is simple:  We want you, we need you, we love you but not in New York.  

Over in Chicago, Mayor Brandon Johnson has discovered that there is a humanitarian crisis.  Wonder how he came to that conclusion?   Maybe having the airport full of migrants will do that to you.  Or maybe having citizens scream at town hall meetings will open your eyes.

The mayor is apparently riding one of those buses back to Texas. I guess he promised the voters that he is going down to see it for himself. Too many Democrats into “roots” these days.  They always look for "root causes" when they don't want to see the truth.

This is the story:

The progressive also appeared to take shots at the Biden Administration - when asked about concerns about the growing number of migrants being housed in police stations, airports, and even schools.

He said: 'This is a growing crisis, not only for the city of Chicago but for the entire globe. 

'The population shift that we are experiencing as the result of the failure of federal policies is now impacting the people of Chicago in a very dramatic way,' he said.

Yes, "the failure of federal policies."  How about a failure of implementing federal policies? What we see down on the border is just a bad case of lawlessness or something similar to what happens in his city every weekend.

I'm sure that the two mayors will come back and say that we must address the root problems of poverty, the legacy of Spanish colonialism, climate change, global warming, the history of U.S. imperialism, and the failure of the GOP Congress to pass immigration reform.   

Will any reporter ask them what any of that has to do with the buses showing up in their cities?  After all, they didn't have the migrant crisis when the Orange Man was running things and the “root causes” were alive and well.

The two men will come back and ask the Biden administration for money.  They won't get the money and then will blame the governor of Texas.   

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Happy # 80 to Jose Cardenal

Cardenal broke with the Giants in 1963 at age 19. He played with the Angels, Indians, Cardinals, Brewers, Cubs, Phillies, Mets and retired with the Royals.
His best years were with the Chicago Cubs 1972-77:  A .296 batting average & a .363 On Base Pct.
Jose became a real fan favorite at Wrigley Field in the 1970’s with his flashy personality.   Cardenal retired with a .275 career average and 1,913 hits.   He made it to The World Series with Kansas City in 1980.
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