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Monday's show: The reaction to President Trump & media plus other stories

We will look back the "s-hole" crisis and calling everyone's a racist over political differences.....we remember Super Bowl other stories...

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Monday's video: It’s wrong to call Trump a racist

Why are some Democrats calling President Trump a racist? There’s no evidence of this. On the contrary, Mr. Trump has a long record of donating to causes and people like Jesse Jackson.

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Trump is right about the Dems and DACA

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My experience with immigration reform goes back to 2006-7. I remember the marches, McCain-Kennedy, and other efforts over the years.

You can put me down as someone who was willing to legalize some of these individuals on a work visa basis but never a path to citizenship.  I also wanted them to pay a fine and go through a background check here and in their country of origin.
And now we have DACA.

And yes, President Trump is right.  The Dems want the issue rather than a solution.  This is from Fox:
President Trump on Sunday argued again that Democrats and their demands – not him or fellow Republicans in Congress – have throttled negotiations to provide permanent legal protection for young illegal immigrants [sic; should be "illegal aliens" –ed.] and made clear that any such deal also must end the United States' lottery-immigration program.
"DACA is probably dead because the Democrats don't really want it, they just want to talk and take desperately needed money away from our Military," said Trump, in one of several tweets on the issue of immigration reform and on the related Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, or DACA, program.
The president and Congress are attempting to reach a deal on comprehensive immigration reform as part of a federal spending bill that Congress must pass by Friday to avoid a government shutdown.
Again, I agree with President Trump.

The Democrats do not want to negotiate.  They want what they call a "clean bill."  Unfortunately, they don't have the votes to pass such a clean bill.  It's just a lot of hot air.  The Democrats could not deliver on a "clean bill" back in December 2010, when they had 59 votes in the U.S. Senate.

The Democrat leadership has painted itself into a corner.  The Democrats overpromised, knowing they couldn't deliver.  They were hoping President Trump would crack and accept a deal without border security.

So here we are.  President Trump stuck to his guns, and the ball is with the Pelosi-Schumer team.

Let's them shut down the government, as they promised.  I hope that they inform the incumbent Democrat senators in West Virginia, Indiana, Missouri, North Dakota, and Montana of their plans.

The Democrats have confirmed with their actions what I've suspected for quite some time.  They are not serious about fixing DACA or even working with GOP politicians who are willing to negotiate with them.

So I guess it's adiĆ³s, DACA for now!

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March 2006 and the marches that killed immigration reform

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Back in March 2006, there was a lot of support for immigration reform.  Then came the marches and Mexican flags plus the radicals that killed any chance of legislation.

This is a website with lots of pictures from the march!

Enjoy them!

March 2006: What is Che doing in these marches?

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Back in March 2006, some immigration marches brought Che placards to the demonstrations.

My question back them was simple: What did Che have to do with changing immigration laws in the US?    The answer is nothing!
Sorry. These demonstrations failed to generate sympathy from the US public.   In fact, these demonstrations created even more backlash against illegal immigration.

Stop funding the UN

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Jeb Babbin wrote a great book about the UN back in 2004: "Inside the Asylum: Why the United Nations and Old Europe Are Worse Than You Think".

The UN is bad not much has changed.  It is horrible. The UN has turned into a gallery of anti-US and anti-Israel rants.

The US, and other world democracies, should demand more.

The US has a lot of leverage. Without the US funding, the UN offices would be closed for lack of money to pay rent or utilities.

Frankly, I'm tired of the UN.

My prediction is that Philadelphia will play NE in the Super Bowl. And yes the Patriots will win another one!

My prediction is that Philadelphia will play NE in the Super Bowl. And yes the Patriots will win another one!

Chilly night and thinking of baseball and Opening day

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It's a chilly night so let me look ahead to spring and baseball.

Opening Day should be a national holiday. I'm not suggesting that we shut down the post office and the banks.   It should be a national holiday for baseball fans.

Before working for myself, I would always take a personal day on opening day.   I recall doing this in Baltimore. My boss was also an Oriole fan so he understood that opening day was good for my self esteem and productivity. He would rather have me at the ballpark than sneaking a TV in my office.

My favorite opening day memory is April 7, 1970, the day that baseball returned to Milwaukee. We spent the entire month of March anticipating that the Seattle Pilots would move to Milwaukee.

The Pilots moved a few days before opening day. Within hours, the team printed tickets, a program and got the uniforms ready. I can still recall lining up with my school friends to buy tickets and joining some 37,000 at County Stadium.

Well, winter nights always make you think of opening day, or 90 days down the road.

Opening day in 2006: Great reception for Pres. Bush in Cincinnati

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Ohio's suburbs and rural counties went big for Bush in 2000 and 2004. It was one of the key factors in his election and reelection.

Back in 2006, Pres. Bush threw the first pitch of the Reds' season. It was great and he got a wonderful reception.

It was 20 years ago...........

Chelsea Manning?

A word about DACA from Professor VD Hanson

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We've heard a lot about the "dreamers".   This is what Professor VD Hanson wrote about it:    
Democrats are so focused on the 800,000 Dreamers — less than 10% of the undocumented population — because they’re politically photogenic and for now seen as the easiest group to exempt from efforts to control illegal immigration. 
In blanket fashion, the media consistently report that they are model youth, fulfilling their proverbial “dreams” of finishing college and achieving upward mobility.      
That narrative lacks subtlety, if it’s not outright deceptive. The average age of DACA participants is now 24. 
Few after entering adulthood sought to address their known illegal status. 
Surveys suggest that most are not in school; fewer than 5% have graduated from college. 
Those employed earn a median hourly wage of $15.34, which means they are forced to compete on the lower end of the wage ladder. 
Only about a tenth of 1% of DACA youth serve in the U.S. military — fewer than 900 total.     
Nevertheless, I'm willing to give some them an opportunity to stay in the US but with a few conditions:    No path to citizenship, no chain migration and a clean criminal record.

Calling Trump a racist is easy and convenient but explaining why huge Democrat majorities & President did not pass immigration reform or fix DACA is a lot more complicated! They had the votes and did nothing!

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