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The Bolton book plus Tulsa rally & blue cities collapsing plus more

The Bolton book plus Tulsa rally & blue cities collapsing plus more 06/19 by Silvio Canto Jr | Politics:

The Bolton book.....Trump and DACA......Blue cities in total crisis.....Tulsa rally vs protesters.....Curt Flood 1972....Lou Gehrig 1903-41.......
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Friday’s video: Don’t take the Bolton book very seriously

Are we watching the collapse of the blue city?

George Floyd protest in Chicago: Police SUVs flipped, set on fire ...
As cities burn and statues come down, many want you to believe that U.S. is doomed or that the leftist mobs will tear down every sign of traditional values. 
Yes, some monuments will be vandalized and buildings burned down.  
But eventually, the storyline will change. 
What we are really watching is the collapse of “blue districts” and cities.  
For years, we’ve heard that “racism” or poverty excuses.  Yet, the story is a lot different.  The issue is not really racism but dysfunctional societies run by Democrats, as Angela Kelley wrote:  
Poverty is not, as the Left would have us believe, owing to a lack of social safety-net funding. “According to the U.S Department of Energy’s Residential Energy Consumption Survey…  Over 99 percent [of those classified below the poverty level] have a refrigerator, television, and stove or oven. Eighty-one percent have a microwave; 75 percent have air conditioning; 67 percent have a second TV; 64 percent have a clothes washer; 38 percent have a personal computer.” In the United States, most poor people (over 80 percent) have cell phones. People are not living in abject poverty as they do in third world countries, where people are starved for the basic necessities of food, clothing, clean water, and housing.
And let’s not ignore the problem of absentee fathers. Psychology Today notes that children without fathers in their home are susceptible to “diminished self-concept and compromised physical and emotional security, behavioral problems, truancy and poor academic performance, delinquency and youth crime, including violent crime, promiscuity, and teen pregnancy, drug and alcohol abuse, homelessness, exploitation and abuse, physical health problems, mental health disorders, life chances, future relationships, [and] mortality.” 
In Illinois, 23 percent of one-parent households are headed by Caucasians. By comparison, 39 percent of Hispanic/Latino households and a whopping 73 percent of African American households are single-parent homes. The numbers are fairly consistent in states with the largest cities. In New York, 64 percent of African-Americans come from single-parent households; in Minnesota, it’s 50 percent; in Pennsylvania, it’s 71 percent; in California, it’s 62 percent, and in Washington, D.C., it is a disturbing 78 percent.
The largest cities in these states have been run by Democrats for years. 
Yes, they have.
The bad news is that there will be more accusations of racism and riots.  The good news is that we are watching the end of these cities and that’s good for African Americans hoping for a better life.
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