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Mueller's investigation and many dead in Venezuela

We will discuss the latest leaks and AG Sessions, the Mueller investigation and the sense that it is not fair, week 2 of Chief of Staff Kelly and 100-plus dead in Venezuela....................and other stories...........

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Good news....Deputy AG Rosenstein said Sunday that Mr Mueller has to come to him before expanding the investigation...this is refreshing

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Maureen Dowd approves of Robert Mueller

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Independent Counsel Robert Mueller has an impossible task. He must conclude an investigation and convince people like me that it’s all fair and balanced.  Maureen Dowd just made that task more difficult.
Mr. Mueller is off to a bad start with all the news about Democrat donors on his staff and now leaks concerning the grand jury. More than that, it looks as if Mueller’s investigation is going in so many directions that he may need a GPS to figure out where he is travelling to next.
Mueller is turning into Exhibit A of why independent counsels are just a bad idea. The Founding Fathers intended for these investigations to be done by Congress. I don’t remember reading anything about independent counsels in the U.S. Constitution.
Mueller’s public image got a big punch between the eyes when Maureen Dowd cheered  the investigation:
Going hammer and tong after hammer and sickle, Mueller has crossed Trump’s Red Line, using multiple grand juries and issuing subpoenas in a comprehensive inquiry covering not only possible campaign collusion but also business dealings by Trump and his associates with Russia.
The Times reported Friday that Mueller’s investigators had asked the White House for documents related to Michael Flynn.
A White House adviser told me recently about how scary Mueller’s dream team is, and how Jared Kushner should be nervous.
Every time Mueller adds a legal celebrity to his crew, the music gets cued for an “Ocean’s Eleven” or “Dirty Dozen” array of talent.
One lawyer helped destroy the New York City mafia; another helped bring down Nixon; another tackled Enron; others are experts on foreign bribery and witness-flipping.
As GQ’s Jay Willis wrote, “If these people were coming for you over a parking ticket, you’d be thinking about liquidating your life savings.”
Maureen will get a big cheer from the left with this column, I’m sure that there are Democrats all over enjoying Miss Dowd’s opinion.
My guess is that Mr. Mueller is not one of those enjoying it. He now has Maureen Dowd cheering his work, on top of all of those Democrat donors and leaks.
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