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We got the judges we expected by voting Trump

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Back in 2016, many of us were not on the Trump bandwagon.  As I wrote here, I voted for Senator Marco Rubio in the Texas primary because of his apparent elect-ability. Later, I was hoping for a Kasich-Rubio ticket because of the Florida and Ohio connection.
On election day, I voted for Trump for one reason: the Supreme Court. In other words, I knew that Donald Trump would make better selections to the court than Hillary Clinton.
Trump won, we got Neil Gorsuch and the Janus ruling that will end the cozy relationship between public sector unions and the Democrats. Private sector unions will go on but the political landscape in California, Illinois, and other “blue” states will change.
Beyond that ruling, we saw a conservative coalition stick together and issue strong opinions, from the travel ban to the wedding cake decision.    
President Trump has also appointed some strong people to the appeals courts, where a lot of judicial activism comes knocking. According to Kyle Kim:   
One year into his presidency, Donald Trump is among the most successful presidents when it comes to appointing federal judges.
Trump has spent his first year rapidly filling Article III judgeships at Supreme, appellate and District Court levels.
Times data analysis found Trump is ranked No. 6 of 19 presidents appointing the highest number of federal judges in their first year.
Last, but not least, President Trump has been more realistic on Cuba than his predecessor.
I’m with Trump!  Voting Trump got me judges!
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We remember Elie Wiesel (1928-2016)

We learned of Elie Wiesel's death.   He was born in Romania in 1928 and spent his youth at concentration camps in Auschwitz, Buchenwald and Buna.    

His book "Night" was published in English in 1960 and sold 6 million copies in the US.

He was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 1986.

Ellie Wiesel died July 2, 2016.

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A word about Ron Silver (1946-2009)

We remember that Ron Silver was born July 2, 1946.    He died March 15, 2009 after fighting cancer for a few years.

Like many of us, Ron Silver got a big wake up call on 9-11.

Silver understood that there were people in the world determined to blow up one of our cities and kill thousands of innocent people.  Let's not forget that they'd cut your head off if you disagree with them, too.

On top of that, he was a great actor.

A few years agp, my friend Rick Moran wrote about Silver.

In fact, Silver did not change. He was always a liberal on social issues.

Silver understood that the terrorists were opposed to everything that liberals believed in, from women's rights to any kind of tolerance.

Silver concluded that you couldn't do business with people who think that we should live under some kind of 12th century justice.

We take a minute this weekend to remember Ron Silver! It's a shame that there aren't more people like Ron Silver in Hollywood!
Last, but not least, make sure you watch "Fahrenhype 9-11", a response to Michael Moore.

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