Monday, October 12, 2020

Supreme Court hearings & boring speeches plus Columbus Day and Joe Morgan

Supreme Court hearings & boring speeches plus Columbus Day and Joe Morgan 10/12 by Silvio Canto Jr | Politics:

The Supreme Court hearings.......Overturning 'Roe v Wade' is the only way to save the US Senate.........Columbus Day 1492........WHO is now warning against lockdowns.....Schools are not COVID 'super spreaders'.......Joe Morgan 1943-2020.......
and other to listen:

Monday’s video: Overturn Roe v Wade and save the US Senate


If they've lost Jake...

Maybe Jake had something to drink this morning, or maybe there are some journalists finally worried about their reputations.  It was interesting to see this on CNN.  Yes, I said CNN:

After ABC chief White House correspondent Jon Karl bucked the narrative on Sunday, CNN's Jake Tapper followed suit and grilled Biden campaign coordinator Kate Bedingfield and shouting: "Of course, voters deserve an answer on his position, on every issue!"

Their State of the Union interview started out pretty favorably for the Biden campaign with Tapper allowing Bedingfield to go off on the Trump campaign over the canceled second debate. But things took a turn when Tapper pressed her on Biden's false claim that President Trump's nomination of Judge Amy Coney Barrett was unconstitutional.

The Democrats are crazy or think everybody is dumb and dumber.

President Trump is fulfilling his constitutional duty by nominating a candidate to fill the Supreme Court vacancy.  The Biden campaign is going out of its way to avoid answering a question that matters to all.

Thank you, Jake.  We needed someone to ask that question.

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And now Christopher Columbus!

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The left now wants to take down monuments to Christopher Columbus. I guess that they want to hold Columbus accountable for the original sin of bringing European influence to The New World.
Or, more specifically, Columbus brought the white man to these lands.
The Columbus “haters” forget that the Europeans also brought religious freedom, democracy, the rule of law and a lot more respect for women than they had in the Aztec or Inca Empires.      In other words, did the Aztecs read your rights when you arrested?   Or give you legal representation if you couldn’t afford it?   Or tolerate anyone who wanted to bring down their monuments?
We understand that the Spanish committed some atrocities and there is no sense covering that up.   However, let’s have a little more balance in how we look back at what people did 500-plus years ago.

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