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Impeachment with no vote & China vs NBA and abortion case goes to Supreme Court

Impeachment with no vote & China vs NBA and abortion case goes to Supreme Court 10/08 by Silvio Canto Jr | Politics:

No impeachment vote no Trump administration participation......More on China and the NBA....Trump vs Mayor of Minneapolis...Supreme Court and Louisiana abortion law.........Dick Van Dyke Show 1961....Solzhenitsy 1970 Nobel Peace Prize....Don Larsen 1956.......and more stories.....click to listen:

Tuesday’s video: No impeach vote no administration participation.....

Tuesday’s video:
No impeach vote no administration participation.....

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1960: Kennedy and Nixon debate Cuba

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My late father would often speak about the Kennedy-Nixon debates of 1960.  Many Cubans listened to that debate very carefully on the radio.  It was broadcast to Cuba on short-wave radio, perhaps Voice of America or some other frequency.
By the summer of 1960, Cuba was in rebellion against the Castro regime.  
Cubans were asking these questions:  What happened to the elections?  Why are all of those Soviets landing at the airport?  Why are Cuban-owned businesses “nationalized”?  Why is every regime critic called a CIA operative?  Why so many political arrests?  Why were newspapers shut down?  
“In the second of four televised debates, Democratic presidential nominee John F. Kennedy and Vice President Richard Nixon turn their attention to foreign policy issues.
Three Cold War episodes, in particular, engendered spirited confrontations between Kennedy and Nixon. 
The first involved Cuba, which had recently come under the control of Fidel Castro.
Nixon argued that the island was not “lost” to the United States, and that the course of action followed by the Eisenhower administration had been the best one to allow the Cuban people to “realize their aspirations of progress through freedom.”
Kennedy fired back that it was clear that Castro was a communist, and that the Republican administration failed to use U.S. resources effectively to prevent his rise to power. 
He concluded that, “Today Cuba is lost for freedom.””
Six months later, President Kennedy dropped the ball at the Bay of Pigs.  On December 2nd, Castro announced that he had always been a “Marxist Lennist”!   In an instant, Cuba was a Soviet satellite and nothing would ever be the same.
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1950: Another lady Republican from Maine spoke to the nation

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We will speak about Senator Susan Collins’ speech for years.  She was superb in making the case for Judge Kavanaugh and standing up to the bullies practicing “sexual McCarthyism” as Professor Dershowitz called it.
Senator Collins’ speech was in the tradition of another great speech.  Back in 1950, the late Senator Margaret Chase Smith spoke in the Senate about the “McCarthyism” of that time.   
This is from her speech:  
“Mr. President,” she began, “I would like to speak briefly and simply about a serious national condition…. The United States Senate has long enjoyed worldwide respect as the greatest deliberative body…. But recently that deliberative character has…been debased to…a forum of hate and character assassination.” 
Sound familiar?  Character assassination?
From time to time, a speech can make a difference.  Senator Collins spoke in the tradition of another great lady Republican from Maine, Senator Margaret Chase Smith.
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