Monday, November 23, 2015

A word about Macri and Argentina

We will have more on the Argentina election later.   However, let’s congratulate the people of Argentina for changing the direction of their country.
In the last few days of the campaign, Mr Scioli played the populist card by saying this:     “I defend the role of the state and he defends the role of the market.”
In the past, Argentina fell for that kind of populist rhetoric.   They didn’t in 2015 and that’s a good thing!
Good luck to Sr. Macri!

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Why do we need a coalition to defend the US from ISIS?

Democrats are all about talking coalitions, even though I don’t recall any coalitions that President Clinton or President Obama put together. I mean real coalitions that put ground troops in the battle, as was the case with President GHW Bush in the Gulf War or President GW Bush in Iraq.
In a perfect world, it’d be nice if we could go to war with our allies.  Unfortunately, we don’t live in a perfect world. We live in a world where our allies have few military resources and can not really sustain any kind of long undertaking.  Let’s say that Canada and UK are the exceptions.
ISIS is a threat to the U.S. Yes, they are a threat to other places but we are target # 1. They want to bring their terror to U.S. cities and kill us.
Again, why do we need a coalition to defend the American people?  
We need a president who invites our allies to the fight and then goes forward with a coalition of the willing. The objective is to defeat ISIS, not to prove that you can put together a coalition.
And a we need a president who reminds us that we can beat ISIS if we really want to beat ISIS.  
I agree with Larry Kudlow:
We need determination. We need to be unflinching. We need to be focused on the goal of destroying ISIS.
We are at war. Our homeland is in danger. Yes, the moratorium on Syrian refugees must be in place. That’s easy. But what’s not easy is coming up with a coherent plan for destroying ISIS and telling America, “We can do this.” That is leadership.
It may not be exactly comparable to President Ronald Reagan’s often-repeated goal of defeating Soviet communism and his message that yes, “We can do it.” But now is the time for our leaders to say we can destroy ISIS.
I am not a military strategist. What I am trying to propose here is a message, with urgency, that is vital to the leadership equation. If the White House won’t do it, then other leaders must.
It’s a week after the horrific Paris terror attacks, but basically the U.S. has changed nothing. How can this be?
Why hasn’t the president called for an emergency meeting of NATO where we would join brave French President Francois Hollande on declaring war with ISIS? Why haven’t we done this? If the president won’t, then Congress should.
And why have we not called for an emergency meeting of the U.N. Security Council to get a war resolution through immediately?
And why hasn’t Congress already passed a new authorization for the use of military force?
Sadly, the Obama administration is  torn between action and putting together a coalition. He wants to bring other countries along so that the left-wing college professors and NY Times can say that he is not a cowboy like Bush.
Here are the problems:
1) Bush 41 and Bush 43 put together coalitions. Obama hasn’t, despite being presented to us in 2008 as a man who was born to bring people together; and more importantly,
2) The U.S. Constitution calls on the commander in chief to defend the country, with or without other countries.
So let’s get serious before ISIS brings their terror to the U.S.   
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The week in review with Bill Katz, the editor of Urgent Agenda

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