Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Tuesday's video: President Trump’s immigration proposal is an excellent place to start!

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Trump's immigration proposal, NFL and a few other thoughts

We will look at President Trump's immigration proposal.........it calls for tougher enforcement, such as a wall plus DACA.........it is aimed at Red State Democrats......the gun control debate going as expected......President Trump reverses the Obama Care mandates...........Jerry Jones of Dallas Cowboys draws the line......NFL in bigger trouble than they realize..........and other stories...........

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Going after red-state Democrats

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President Trump released an extensive immigration package, from DACA to the wall to employer sanctions. It’s the start of negotiations that will probably take months.
This is from the Washington Times:
The plans, seen by The Washington Times, include President Trump’s calls for a border wall, more deportation agents, a crackdown on sanctuary cities and stricter limits to chain migration — all issues the White House says need to be part of any bill Congress passes to legalize illegal immigrant “Dreamers” currently protected by the Obama-era deportation amnesty known as DACA.
But the plans break serious new ground on the legal front, giving federal agents more leeway to deny illegal immigrants at the border, to arrest and hold them when they’re spotted in the interior, and to deport them more speedily. The goal, the White House said, is to ensure major changes to border security, interior enforcement and the legal immigration system.
“Anything that is done addressing the status of DACA recipients needs to include these three reforms and solve these three problems,” a senior White House official told The Times.
“If you don’t solve these problems then you’re not going to have a secure border, you’re not going to have a lawful immigration system and you’re not going to be able to protect American workers.”
President Trump is tying DACA to border security. Why is he doing that? This is what I think:
1) There are several Democrats seeking reelection in places like Montana, North Dakota, Missouri, Indiana, and West Virginia. President Trump did very well in those states. Furthermore, it’s a tough map for Democrats in 2018 and DACA does not make it easier;
2) Most of the dreamers live in 5 states: California, Texas, New York, Illinois and Florida; and,
3) It’s fair to say that senators and congressmen in the other 45 states are likely to get more pressure to vote for the wall than DACA.
President Trump has put many of the Democrats in these red states in a very tough situation. They will have to support border security if they want DACA.
This is a brilliant move by President Trump and it should pay off with a final product that accomplishes his immigration objectives.
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