Friday, March 26, 2021

Biden and the press plus the filibuster is now racist

Biden and the press plus the filibuster is now racist 03/26 by Silvio Canto Jr | Politics

President Biden and the press conference.....Did the White House want an audience? The press is in the tank for Biden......So the filibuster is now racist?...........Happy # 77 Diana Ross.......
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Friday’s video: The first Biden press conference

Friday’s video: 
The first Biden press conference 
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Megan the MVP of victimhood

The Biden White House (or maybe Biden-Harris) continued its "unity" campaign by inviting the divisive Megan Rapinoe.   Wonder if she took a knee when she saw all of those flags?   

As you may remember, Megan is on the US Soccer team and a super star on the LGBT victim squad.

Megan is apparently pushing the "equal pay" message again.  Frankly, I don't watch soccer but many of my Latin American friends do.  Let me tell you that not one has rushed home to watch a women's soccer game, unless their daughter was playing.  

I'm not knocking the ladies' talents but just looking at the fact that nobody follows the sport.   The average attendance is not enough:   12,833.

Maybe some day women's soccer will match the NFL or MLB or NBA or NHL.  Or even college sports.

At the moment, women's soccer is all about watching talented US ladies beating the crap out of over-matched international teams.  Remember the US beating Thailand 13-0 in a world tournament?  

Good luck to the ladies.  However, they are getting what they've earned based on the lack of interest in their game.

My memo to Megan is to sell lots of tickets and then you'll get a contract that reflects your value rather than your mindless playing of the victim card.

Shame on President Biden for talking unity standing next to this woman or whatever it is.

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Happy # 59 to Kevin Seitzer

Happy birthday to Kevin Seitzer.   He was born on this day in Springfield, MO., in 1962.

Kevin broke with the Royals in 1986 and hit .323 with 207 hits in 1987.    He was a very consistent hitter and played first and third base very well.

He retired after 12 seasons:   .295 average, 1,557 hits and a couple of All Star selections.

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