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RIP Justice Ginsburg and 2020 just got more interesting and more

RIP Justice Ginsburg and 2020 just got more interesting and more 09/21 by Silvio Canto Jr | Politics:

RIP Justice Ginsburg and now she has to be replaced.......Select and confirm ASAP.....Where is Biden's list?........DOJ goes after Portland Seattle & NYC......Monday Night Football 1970......and other to listen:

Monday’s video: Nominate and confirm ASAP

From 'defund the police' to police leaving

Riots in Portland continue for the second consecutive night, with the  police using tear gas to control violent protestors -

A few weeks ago, the slogan was "defund the police" and hire more social workers.  Now, the real threat to citizens in blue cities is who wants to work as a police officer?
Sadly, the left has accomplished what "defund the police" could not do.  They have destroyed police forces by encouraging more and more officers to leave the force.
Over the weekend, Portland's Mayor Wheeler got  a taste of what happens when you don't support the police. as we see in this post by Victoria Taft:     
And now they are leaving. The cops, not the rioters. Nope, the county’s catch-and-release program for rioters sends these same criminals back out on the street in time for the next wave of rioting.
And now Portland, Ore., has set a new and disturbing record. While law-abiding Portlanders depend on police now more than ever in the wake of more than 100 nights of riots, looting, arson, vandalism, and violence, there are now fewer and fewer cops willing to take the call.
A record number of police officers are tapping out and retiring.
There have been more retirements in the month of August 2020 than in most years.
Yes, leave town or get yourself an AR-15 if you are planning to stick around Portland.  
Again, this is not a shock.  This is what happens when local governments go "woke" and forget to protect their citizens, encourage economic growth, and attract more taxpayers.
"Defund the police" is yesterday's news.  Who will serve as a police officer is today's reality.
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