Monday, December 28, 2020

No need to 'defund the police' in Portland

My guess is that serving as a police officer in Portland must have been a dream job at one time.  After all, what could go wrong in quiet Portland?  Where else could you find a beautiful city like Portland?   It had everything until it became another crazy blue city run by even crazier Democrats.

So the police are leaving!  Yes, the "men in blue" want out, according to this story in Daily Wire:  

Nine officers have resigned from the Portland Police Department since November, and another 14 have filed papers to leave by the end of January. Seven others have made initial filings preparing to retire. About 25 officers are looking to transfer to other police departments, Frome, who heads the Human Resources Department, said based off requests he has received for officers’ personnel files.

The departures come after a summer of unrest pummeled the city. Nightly protests and riots took place for over 100 days straight in Portland following the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis. 

What makes matters worse in Portland is that the local government has gone AWOL on protecting citizens or supporting its police force.   

So what happens when you stab the police in the back?  They leave and serve somewhere else. Watch for a lot of taxpayers and job creators to follow the police right out of Portland.

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