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Thursday's video: Mayorkas and impeachment, FISA debate, Truman vs McArthur 1951

Thursday's video: 

 Mayorkas and impeachment, FISA debate, Truman vs McArthur 1951...    


NPR, the home of preachy males and females

NPR, the home of preachy males and females: Back when we listened to the radio the old-fashioned way, I was a fan of NPR. First, it was the only FM station and a clear signal in an office building. So I got to listen to the Clarence Thomas hearings and the memorable Ollie North performance ...

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Happy # 60 Bret Saberhagen

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We remember Bret Saberhagen who was born in Chicago on this day in 1964.

Bret broke with the AL West champion Royals in 1984:   10-11 with a 3.48 ERA.    

In 1985, Bret won 20 with a 2.87 ERA.   He won the AL Cy Young and was the World Series MVP.

In 1989, Bret won another AL Cy Young:   23-6 with a 2.16 ERA.

Bret retired after 1999:   167-117 and a 3.34 ERA.    He pitched in 2 World Series with the Royals, 3 ALCS with Boston and a NLDS with the Rockies.

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1936 and the start of The Spanish Civil War

The Spanish Civil War broke out on this day in 1936 with a revolt by right-wing Spanish military officers in Spanish Morocco that spread to mainland Spain.    It lasted until 1939.   General Franco stayed in power until his death in 1975.

It was a conflict that would have ramifications in Europe and specially in Latin America.  Thousands of children were sent to Latin America and many never saw their parents again.   We saw horrific brutality from both sides in that conflict.  

Barry Jacobsen discussed the Spanish Civil War during our recent episode about World War II.    Click here to listen to the show!

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