Tuesday, June 02, 2020

Cuomo and New York riots plus remittances to Mexico and more stories

Cuomo and New York riots plus remittances to Mexico and more stories 06/02 by Silvio Canto Jr | Politics:

Cuomo vs New York City Mayor.....Remittances to Mexico down.....Happy # 72 Larry Mathers ('The Beaver').....Happy # 79 Charlie Watts....Babe Ruth retired 1935......and other stories....click to listen:

Tuesday’s video: New York and others will see a massive outflow of people.

Red vs Blue: The difference

Dallas remains mostly quiet Sunday night after curfew order ...
Like many of you, I could not believe what we were watching on TV, from St. John’s Church burning in Washington D.C. to Mayor Lightfoot of Chicago saying “F…..U” to President Trump as violence swept the city and more people were killed.
Here in North Texas, we had protests but nothing got out of hand.  Yes, a man was beaten outside his business but the police presence was such that the curfew was enforced.   In Texas, we arrested people whereas they looted in other cities up north.
We are not playing because Governor Greg Abbott activated the National Guard and supported local police:  
“Texans have every right to exercise their first amendment rights, but violence and looting will not be tolerated,” the governor said in a statement.
Yes, there were some problems in Austin but that’s it.  And they were nothing compared to what we were seeing in other places.  It was nice to see also people in Texas reminding everyone that “minority businesses” were the ones destroyed.
Congratulations to Texas and our Governor.  We protected citizens rather than make excuses for lawlessness.
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