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Memories of Dr. J I Segurola, Sandy Koufax and a few other thoughts

We will discuss the passing of Dr. Juan Ignacio Segurola, my father's cousin and former political prisoner............the Iran nuclear deal and the usual suspects don't like it.....Democrats complaining about Obama Care but they never put these mandates in the Obama Care that they passed.........Sandy Koufax 1965............and other stories............

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Wrecking the NFL and now the Boy Scouts

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Who would have believed any of this ten years ago? 
First, we watched the NFL destroy itself when a bunch of players turned political philosophers and wimpy owners were afraid to use their authority. Like our university leaders, the owners of the NFL have forgotten that they run the institutions. They have a responsibility to enforce the rules, from standing for the anthem to allowing people of a different opinion to speak at school events.
Now, we see another great institution destroyed in the name of “equality,” or in my opinion a flawed definition of equality.     
As the father of three boys who were Scouts, this is very sad. I attended my share of Scouts retreats and found the values projected to be very important for boys turning into young men. These weekend retreats also got some of us to spend quality time with our sons and their friends and get to know better the other fathers. I don’t regret any of those hours that I spent at Boys Scout activities.
So here we go again. Another tradition is destroyed! 
It’s very sad to see this happen, as Russell Pattern wrote:   
What now separates the Boy Scouts from any other youth organization?  
The BSA has now effectively rendered obsolete both the Boy Scouts and the Girl Scouts.  
If the Boy Scouts is a better youth organization for girls, why would any girl ever want to join the Girl Scouts?
More incredibly, I have to wonder why any parent would want their young teenage girls camping in the woods with young teenage boys? Who exactly is okay with this?
As an Eagle Scout myself, this is an incredibly difficult piece for me to write.  
My fondest memories from my youth come from my time in Boy Scouts. I learned a great deal about myself, about leadership, and about manhood in those years. The friendships I made with both adult leaders and fellow Scouts can never be replaced. Earning the rank of Eagle Scout in 2002 was the greatest achievement of my life at the time.  Another honor was when my beloved Scout troop invited me back to town to participate in its centennial celebration earlier this year. My scouting experiences have guided me throughout my adulthood and will continue to do so 
This is what the Left does best: target and destroy everything good in America. They cannot compete with us on ideas, so they have to eliminate everything that makes us who we are. If they were truly motivated to provide girls, homosexuals, and “transgenders,” with the same experiences Boy Scouts provides, then they would form their own youth organization. But it isn’t really about that, is it?
Rest in Peace Boy Scouts. You will be dearly missed.
Yes, we will miss the days when a father and his son could attend a retreat without pushing political messages.   
Furthermore, I really miss those days when we instinctively understood that boys and girls were different. And that boys and girls needed different messages in their formative years.
So long, Boy Scouts. It was nice to know you before the left got hold of you!
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