Thursday, July 15, 2021

Texas Democrats out of state plus Cuba and more stories

Texas Democrats out of state plus Cuba and more stories 07/15 by Silvio Canto Jr | Politics

Texas Democrats out of state...Biden delivers a horrible speech on voting right......BLM makes a bad decision regarding the situation in Cuba.......Nolan Ryan no-hitter # 2 in 1973.............and other stories.........

Thursday’s video: The Texas Democrats have a message problem

Thursday’s video: 
The Texas Democrats have a message problem 
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Maybe they should work on their message

Down here in Texas, we are watching real people seeking freedom in Cuba and clowns talking voting rights in Washington D.C.   

It's an embarrassment to listen to these Democrats talk about their plight.  In Cuba, they arrest you.  In the U.S., these clowns get interviews from reporters who haven’t read the law.

Check out a member of the deranged Texas Democrat band:  

"Sen. Judith Zaffirini, D-Laredo"   “How can we in good conscience approve legislation that persons of color tell us makes them feel unwelcome to participate in our democracy?”

Well, there they go again.  It's race for the appetizer, the main dish, the dessert, and the coffee afterwards.  Everything is about race even when it is not.

The Democrats chief problem in Texas is that they are not winning elections.   We've pointed out before how the GOP won a mayor's race in McAllen with 90% plus Hispanic voters.  Here in the Dallas, the GOP won big in Arlington and Ft. Worth, a couple of growing cities with 50% Hispanic populations.  A few weeks ago, the special 6th district election gave us two GOP finalists!

Apparently, Hispanics are voting in Texas but they are not voting Democrat.   

My sense is that message, not a voting law, is the problem.  We saw this on Roll Call recently:  

In one post-election report, a consortium of Democratic groups acknowledged what they called “campaign misfires” in the way Democrats engaged Hispanic and Latino voters. 

Specifically, the report says, “Latino and Hispanic voters were broadly treated as get-out-the-vote targets rather than audiences for persuasion.” It went on to say, “Campaign messaging didn’t always reflect the different values and priorities of urban Hispanic voters vs rural Hispanic voters, much less account for what would persuade Hispanic men in the Rio Grande Valley, oil and gas workers in New Mexico or Latinas in South Florida.”

In a recent New York Magazine interview, Democratic pollster David Shor weighed in on his party’s performance in the 2020 election. Based on the interview, it appears that Democrats continue to interpret 2022 in the context of demographics, race and class and less about voters’ belief systems and positions on issues. 

Yes, the Democrats thought that calling Trump "racista" over four years would be enough to persuade Hispanic voters.  It turns out that it's not that simple.  

For example, I had a Spanish lady who voted for Biden, tell me that the Democrats are talking too much about transgender issues rather than gasoline prices.  Her husband jumped in and said that he didn't want his granddaughter competing with "Juanita who used to be Juanito."  My guess is that a lot of Spanish grandfathers feel the same way.   Also, wonder how many Hispanic mothers think that a baby with a heartbeat should be aborted?  

Something is happening with Hispanics and the voting law debate is just a massive distraction from reality.  Maybe too many Democrats humming "San Francisco wear some flowers in your hair" rather than "San Antonio Rose."

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