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Did President Obama ask President Pena Nieto how those kids walked north to the US?

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As we've posted previously, we like what President Pena-Nieto has done in Mexico - from fighting the teachers' union to the first meaningful energy reforms ever.    

He's done a good job but left me very disappointed when I learned that the US-Mexico border is full of kids from Central America.

According to news reports, President Pena-Nieto and President Obama spoke about the "kids on the border" crisis:
"Between October and May, more than 47,000 unaccompanied minors, mostly from Central America, crossed into the United States, nearly double the number in the previous 12 months, U.S. Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson said last week.   
Johnson and senior officials from various U.S. agencies will travel to Texas on Friday to view the government's response to the influx of children, the Homeland Security Department said in a statement.  
Obama told Pena Nieto that the United States and Mexico could work together to return children safely to their families, and noted that the children, many of whom are unaccompanied, were vulnerable to crime and abuse. 
Obama repeated his position that arriving migrants would not be eligible for legalization under proposed immigration reform legislation or deferred action for childhood rules."
On the surface, it sounds like the two presidents took a step in the right direction, especially pointing out that the new arrivals will not qualify for any reform under consideration.

We hope that President Obama had a frank talk with President Pena-Nieto:

1)  How did these kids walk through Mexico without attracting the attention of the police?  We've heard for years that Mexico is not fun terrain for Central Americans.  How did these kids avoid that scrutiny?   Where did the money come from to buy thousands of kids passage to the US?  Who paid for the gas, for example?

2)  Were the cartels behind the movement of these people?  If yes then that scares me about their ability to move within Mexico without any trouble.

3)  I hope that President Obama walked away from the conversation with a better understanding of what the cartels are doing to Central America.  Guatemala is a killing field.  El Salvador and Honduras are also facing gang and cartel warfare.
What's next?  

President Obama should put National Guard troops on the border to send a message. 

Also, the US Embassy and consulates in Central America need to tell people to stay home because there is no future for an illegal immigrant in the US. 

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