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Tuesday: Trump week 3, The Beatles in the US 1964 & a few other thoughts

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The day Chavez messed up Venezuela

Hugo Chavez is dead and his revolution is not doing any better. His successor Maduro can’t show his face in public. Caracas is a city of empty shelves and angry people. Venezuelans rush over to Colombia border towns to buy everything available. This is what the wonderful country of Venezuela looks like after socialism.
It was 25 years ago that Chavez took over Venezuela, as Joel D. Hirst remembered:
25 years ago – all the people of Venezuela have known since is Hugo Chavez. 
Chavez in the morning, 
Chavez at night. 
Chavez in the soup and on the ricebags and stamped across the ever-scarcer toilet paper. Dressed mostly in red – until the occasional blue became necessary to bury a political rival. Then back to red. 
The visage of the man fattening out before the ever-watchful eyes of the cameras as his grip upon power solidified; until he swelled with disease that seemed to mirror the bloated, infirm county he refused to release from his wicked grasp. His every absence a source of controversy; his every word a promise and a threat. He seemed to stand across the very top of the continent – calling all the people unto himself as some sort of mestizo messiah of the poor and the destitute and the angry and the jealous. 
And come they did; from Argentina and Chile and Brazil and Mexico, more powerful countries but without so great a leader. They came out of fear lest he find in them an enemy and seek their downfall. They came for opportunity; because they too had hate in their hearts. They came for handouts; they came to take advantage. All that Hugo Chavez really cared about was that they came – to pay homage to him, that poor boy from that mud house in the Venezuelan Great Plains.
It was a great party indeed, for those who like that sort of thing – until the morning-time; because national hangovers are an awful thing.
I won’t go into much detail on the tremendous damage done. Figures are boring; and so great figures as represent the suicide of Venezuela are hard to hold in your imagination. 
A trillion dollars missing – a trillion dollars? Ten percent of the country emptied out – that’s three million people. An entire mega-city, gone, dissipated like a vapor into New York and Miami and Madrid; taking with them what they could, what they might, what they were permitted; burning the rest. 300,000 violent deaths; a civil war really. 80,000 businesses gone, “expropriated” and abandoned or simply swept away amid the powerful tides of revolution. 
The exchange rate went from 5 Bolivares to the dollar – to 4.5 million. 
Two generations of lives lost marching and resisting and voting and conspiring and fleeing; in a closed loop that has extended – even after the dictator died. 
Can you carry such things in your consciousness?
I sure can’t. 25 years – the slow, agonizing murder of a country at the hands of one evil man married to a defunct idea. 
25 years. 25 years, and the story still goes on.
Eventually, this evil will pass and Venezuelans will get their beautiful country back. In the meantime, Cuba is exhibit A and Venezuela is exhibit B is what socialism will do to a country’s middle class.
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A chat with Lorenzo Martinez, author of 'Cuba Adios'

Guest: Lorenzo Martinez, Cuban American author of 'Cuba Adios'......we will review the book and the many awards it has earned recently......we will also review the death of Fidel Castro and what it means for us today and the future of Cuba...... 

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